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17 October 2009

Making things spooky...

I finally got around to digging in the Halloween bin today so that all the decorations could put on a show.

The girls decorated the Halloween tree. It's just one of those craft Christmas trees you find at the craft stores sprayed with black spray paint. Then just find some cute Halloween fabric to cover up the burlap that is around the bottom and tie with a piece of decorative black ribbon.
Hang the ornaments and
Easy Peasy!!
I used to go find twisted willow branches every year, spray them black and place them in a tall fake pumpkin to use as a "tree". That got old really fast. So here is the solution that you don't have to work on every year. Love it.
Then there is the creepy ole' spider that has to watch every one while they are eating. Ole' Mister Crow sit in the leaves keeping an eye on Mr. Creepy.
Then of course the mice come out to play and take over the house. You can't turn anywhere without them being near you. We have an infestation right now.

Those are courtesy of an idea from Martha. The only difference with mine is that I used the black foam craft sheets to make mine. I surely did not want to cut all these little buggers out of paper and have them possibly rip when it came time to take them down. This way they are ready to go year after year. Yes, I cut out LOTS of them. They are all over the main floor, the stairs and outside around the front door area. The girls were wondering though why there weren't any mouse holes for all the mice. So I guess some time this weekend I will be cutting a few of those out of the foam. What's an infestation without a few good holes in the wall? Good thing I've got wee ones to keep things in check.

And last but not least, the webs were put just about everywhere. Glenn is going to love that. At least there are only 2 places that he has to watch out for when walking around the main floor. I thought I would give him a break this year. I'm sure he will appreciate the thoughtfulness. I'll take pics of those later.

Must be off to get something on the stove. I've been a bit of a slacker in the eatery dept. today. Alot of snacking going on. But at least I stayed away from the sweets. It sure is nice to get back into my other jeans without sucking everything in when trying to snap things. Now if we can just keep going till we need to buy a few new pair a couple of sizes down!

Have a great weekend all! I really have to hurry now. The needles and yarn are calling my name. Impatient little things!



  1. Hi Karfee!! Bet the kids love it and have a blast putting it all out!
    Spooktacular!! ;o)

    All of my effort goes into fall decorating, and we carve a pumpkin. Last year we carved flowers into it and it looked so cool!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!! I sure have! Had some great time with my older girls, and then some delightful time to myself!! Ahhhh!

    Love n hugs,

  2. I'm surprised that you're able to survive your own house with all of those creepy crawlies. lol I have one of those tiny trees like yours that I use at school. It makes me think of Charlie Brown and his tree. :-)

  3. Those mice are cute but as Libby said, I won't survive with that decoration more than 10 minutes. I don't celebrate Halloween so I will be enjoying your blogs and see your spooky houses through the screen. :-)

  4. Love the pumpkin photo in your banner, and all the Martha mice. Using craft foam is a great idea.

    Thanks a million for sharing the Knitting Help link last time, I just watched a few of those videos, they're really great! Now when I goof up, I won't have to say *bad* words and start all over again!