"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

19 October 2009

Autumn Love

This weekend really brought home the need to see all the Fall color that I could find. Just another trip up to the bedroom to close the blinds for the day turned into me running down the stairs to retrieve the camera just so I could try to capture the wonderful sky outside. There was no time for a trip up the hill. Everything was changing too fast. At least I was able to enjoy it right outside my door.

I found myself standing there until there was no trace of color left in the sky. The pitch black night forced me to go back in, hoping for another evening full of color soon.

The next day found us heading up into the hills in search for more beautiful color to stare at. But there wasn't much there, yet. It was beautiful but the intensity wasn't there yet. So back to the valley we went to walk along the river.

A wee one had to stop here and there to take in the river and enjoy the sounds. Who does she sound like?

There were lots of yellows all about and just a smidge of red here and there. We will surely have to go to another part of the river so that we can find our lovely reds and oranges that are so loved by us.

But no complaints by any means when you see color like this along the path up against the river. It makes the river even more beautiful seeing all this color reflecting off the water.

And who wouldn't wake up happy to see this gorgeous color right outside their window when opening the blinds in their room. Another gorgeous Fall day here. A little bit of rain, a lot of color, and leaves starting to fall to the ground. The yard is going to look wonderful!

Hope everyone has a great Fall day today! I can't wait to get through the lessons today just so some appley baking can be done and a casserole of some sort will be created for dinner. And to listen to the rain with the windows cracked open, even if it only going to be 57 out. After all that, seaming the sweater is to be done! So excited! Oh the simple things in life are so grand! Wouldn't have it any other way!



  1. Happy Monday Karfee!! Love all of those pics!! The golden yellow is just gorgeous!! Here in Florida green green green (which I LOVE BTW!) with occasional pops of red and blue berries and such! Lovely!!

    We are off to Wal Mart for a few groceries and hopefully some fabric to back my valances with.
    Hope your week is delightful!!

    Listening to the rain and 57 degrees sounds absolutely sublime to me!! Good knittin' craftin' weather!!

    Love to you, my friend!!

  2. What a lovely landscape you have there!

  3. I love that top picture...It looks like fire. I love all the fall colors too, even the browns. We went for a walk this morning and I started out with my jacket on then halfway I had to take it off. Enjoy your day today.

  4. I agree the simple things in life are so grand! Lovely autumn photos!

    Anna x

  5. I just love fall too. I can't imagine living somewhere without fall color. Such pretty pictures too. Have you been working on any crochet projects lately?? The cooler weather always makes me want to "craft". Cheers!

  6. HELLO!! Just thinkin' of my friend! Hope you have a grand weekend!!
    Hugs to you!

  7. Great pictures! I drove from Lakeside to Spokane on Monday. I love the drive thru Idaho.