"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

10 January 2016

Changing of seasons...

     I came to the realization that it has been a while since I last posted here on the blog.  Life just grabbed hold at some point in November and didn't slow down until after the holidays.  At least I didn't forget to take some pictures from time to time to remind me of just what went on around here.

     Pictures of Fall leaves reminded me of all the pretty color that we will all have to wait for again for another 9 months  at least.  Brightly colored sunrises reminded us of beautiful sunrises we would wait patiently for each morning.  Those beautifully colored sunrises also make us remember the story of how pink skies in the mornings and evenings mean Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the elves are busy baking cookies for Christmas, a story passed down for many years in our family.  It's so wonderful to see all the little ones faces when they see those bright pink skies and squeal about all the baking going on at the North Pole.  And the ever important letter to Santa was written in time with personalized art work added in just because.

     Handmade Christmas gifts were finished with plenty of time to spare.  Although one little person's gifts turned out to be a bit of a challenge all because he has to be bigger than others his age.  All turned out good in the end.  Then my attention turned to making things just because I could.  I love making things when there is no real time constraints attached to them.

     We were able to convince Mom to come up for the holidays.  It was a wonderful 3 weeks which passed by way to fast.  But at least we got snow for her to enjoy.  She's not one to slow down so when I said "you don't need to help shovel snow", she didn't listen.  Then there was a snow fort that needed to be built and a snowman.  A few mornings even brought us freezing fog and beautiful hoar frost everywhere.  There were lots of things being baked while Mom was here.  From our traditional cookies to first ever macaroons for us and quite a few Apple Strudels were made by the girls and Mom.  How lovely that was to sit back and watch the girls bake together with Mom like I would in years past.  And then to listen to her stories about how things were done when she was little just made me melt.  That has to be my favorite part of her visits with us.

     Christmas Eve was quiet and relaxing.  A wonderful treat.  Reindeer food still had to be put outside because the poor reindeer are working hard also.  I love how this tradition has not been forgotten yet.  Hopefully it won't stop.  Then watching the girls sit by their bedroom windows for a bit looking at the Christmas lights outside, staring at all the glowing lights against the snow.  We were able to sleep in on Christmas morning for the first time in years.  I really didn't know how to act due to our normal wake up call is at 4 or 5am other years.  This year we slept till 7am.  I'm thinking the girls were being easy on Mom, although she is a early riser anyway.  New Years came and went. A few days after meant Mom was heading back home.  We were all sad.  Even the girls thought that the house was too quiet without her here.  Not that she was all out loud and rowdy while visiting.  It just meant that our game time and puzzle time and shopping with her had come to an end for now.  I will never play Scattergories again without thinking of some of the answers she and Glenn came up with.  We hadn't laughed that hard during a game in ages.  Crazy people.

     Now we are back to our normal schedule filled with school work and being our normal selves.  Not that there are any complaints about that.  I will just have to fill the evenings with new projects made from pretty yarn.  Someone is asking for a pair of crocheted socks just because I've never crocheted socks before.  I might have to kick back on the sofa and tackle that challenge.




  1. Gorgeous photos Kar. I found crochet socks not as comfortable as knitted one, too mant bobbly bits. :)
    Anne xx

  2. I love your photos! They made me dream of different seasons. We didn't have a proper winter here, the weather is crazy and it's still too hot. I wish I could experience snow to wear your comfy scarves and mittens. ;-)