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15 January 2016

Mom's Christmas quilt...

     This quilt.  What do I say about it other than I really LOVE it!  It was definitely a work of love for sure.  

     When we convinced Mom back in September to come up for Christmas I just couldn't think of anything that would be a good gift to give her.  After a few days it came to me.  A quilt of course.  Being that she loves all colors I couldn't pick just one.  So all the scraps bags were pulled out, sorted through, some very specific fabrics were added in and extra bits were cut just in case.

     I was so intent on getting this quilt finished well before she arrived.  Everyday for a few weeks were spent working on squares after the girls schoolwork was finished.  Everyone kept staring at what had been completed so far and kept saying that it was fabulous.  I was feeling it also.  Then the top was finished, hanging on the wall for all to look at every time they passed by it.  Being that I can't just put a plain backing on a quilt I make, a plan was made, specific fabrics were pulled out of the stash and a couple more were bought to make the design work.  Love the little bees next to the flowers.

     The quilt was finished with days to spare.  Washed, dried, crinkly and wrapped up waiting for Christmas Eve to come along.  I was getting impatient.  Finally the day arrived.  Mom was given her present first.  The anticipation of the paper being torn apart killed us all.  Then her face lit up as she ripped the paper and saw what it was.  Perfection!  The moment was all I hoped it to be.  She sat on the couch wrapped up in her quilt as she opened the rest of her presents with the biggest smile on her face.  Mission accomplished.

     More pictures were taken of the quilt just before it was mailed back home for her.  I might have made a statement or two that if she really didn't like the quilt she could always leave it here and I was sure that someone would put good use to it and love it dearly.  The quilt was quickly removed from my bed, folded up and placed in the box to be mailed.  I guess she wasn't having any of the nonsense.

     At least it is well loved and being used every night.

     I think I'm going to have to make a similar one to have around here.  Ugh.  This thing with quilts will never end!




  1. OH Kar!
    I'm seriously sitting here IN TEARS... to picture your mother wrapped in the love of her Christmas Quilt moves me beyond words. What gift could ever compare?
    It is absolutely GORGEOUS and what a labor of love.
    I am, once again my friend, amazed at you.

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