"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

24 January 2016


     My childrens birthdays tend to be an emotional thing for me.  I am so happy to see them grow, learn new things and improve on who they are.  But then there is the very emotional side where I miss those chubby little faces, the squeaky little words that were mispronounced, the stumbly little steps that followed me every where.  The little person who would wait the whole 10 minutes at the oven door to watch the cookies bake, every time.  The little eyes that would be staring at you first thing in the morning while a little person would be on tiptoes to see over the mattress so they could tell you "Hi my little Mommy".  It's just plain hard.

     Today is such a day for my oldest daughter, my second born.  I am ever so proud of who that little person of days gone by has now become.  She is strong willed, a go getter and very goal driven.  She is not afraid of learning new things but loves to continue on with the things that she loves most.  She is kind but firm.  She is loyal until you show her that she should not be.  She has common sense that is not seen in most kids today.  That I am so very thankful for.  She is a very hard worker, at home and at her part-time job.  If things aren't done right, it bothers her.  She has an old soul which we adore.  She has respect for herself and those near and dear to her.  She has a sense of style that is beautiful.  She gets giddy about making her own clothes.  She loves traditions which include her favorite meal and dessert for her birthday that I will continue to do for her for as long as she asks.  She has an infectious smile and laugh.  Happiness just flows through her.  She is going to accomplish big things.  She said so.  I have no doubt.  She has a list and she's checking that thing off.

     For all of that and more, I am so glad she is our sweet little girl.  Forever.




  1. OH Kar ~ how lovely!
    17!!! Wow! How does it happen so fast? Is it Em? Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!
    I feel all those heart swollen emotions right along with you. It's all so very bittersweet. They blossom a bit each day, don't they? Enjoy every single bloom.
    Happy weekend Dear Friend,

  2. Happy Birthday Em! What a beautiful post for her. Her birthday dinner and dessert look yummy! My daughters do that for their children make them their favorite dinner on their birthdays.