"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

28 September 2013

This week...

     Not alot happening here except for school, normal daily stuff and painting.  Go figure that when we decided to jump on painting the house it wants to get all rainy on us.  Seriously!  Anyhoo, we are getting it done bit by bit.  Good thing we have some decent sized overhang areas on the house where we can get some painting done when it rains.  I'm really liking the two different grays we decided to go with.  So totally different than before and from the norm.  Especially for me.  I even had one neighbor ask me why we went with two different colors for the "main" colors.  I just explained that I don't want to be like everyone else and just have one main color and a trim color.  I'm a leader people, not a follower.  Can't wait to see the reactions to my front door color when that is all finished.  I'm so excited about that, I just can't stand it!!!

     The only other major thing this week is that I totally screwed up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Really.  How does one do that?  Just trying to do too much all at once, doubling the recipe and then forgetting to double the flour.  Seriously.  I have talent coming out every where.  At least the thin, paper like cookies (if you can call them that) had lots of flavor.  Still pissed me off though.




  1. You are too funny. I once made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and used salt instead of sugar. They looked beautiful and I had them sitting out on a plate to offer to a friend. When he took a bite, he spat it out and I was shocked. Until he told me what they tasted like. Even after tasting them and confirming that I had goofed, I couldn't wrap my head around it because they looked so good! :)

  2. LOL. Just smash the cookies up and put milk over them and call them Cookie Crisp cereal. :-)

    I know your house will be beautiful and all your neighbors will be in awe. I can see them now!

  3. Oh yeah I love the above comment, great idea just mash them up, yes! Love the idea of your color pallet too I know it's gonna look great! Hope the weather cooperates so you can get finished up.