"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

03 October 2013

This week...

-   Days are starting to blur together.  I feel that all the hours of the day are consumed by painting.  I stop myself from complaining about it by reminding myself of all the money we are saving by doing this project ourselves, that it is being done right the first time and that the house looks so much better now.  I get happy about it all then.  Plus I painted the front door in my new awesome color today!  I even called Glenn while he was at work and squealed in his ear that it was done and looking freakin' awesome!  He told me I was touched and even asked if I remember to put plastic under the door so I didn't get paint on the wood floor.  Apparently I have the IQ of an earthworm and might forget things like that.  Just like I forgot to double an important ingredient in the last batch of cookies.

-   Speaking of cookies...  I redeemed myself today with a brand new batch of Chocolate Chip cookies. The flour was the first thing I measured out (doubled) into a bowl and set it to the side so I wouldn't totally screw up another batch.  I have heard many times this evening that these are much better than the parchment paper thin things that were made last week.  I totally agree with everyone.

-   I have found out that some pretty strange conversations tend to come about when one is outside painting with kids.  The things that a 14yr. old and a 9 yr. old can talk about.  I have been shaking my head a lot at all of these strange topics being discussed.  During one discussion I was asked why I only go so far up on the ladder.  I might have said something about getting queasy, etc.  My dear 9yr. old politely told me not to "queas" near her and make sure I make it to the trash can nearby because she was not picking up after me if that happens.  I guess I've been told.  Queas?  I guess it's one of those things you just don't ask about.

-   Skunks are not my favorite thing in life.  I so hate opening the door in the early morning hours just to find that their most awesome of smells is lingering around.  That makes me want to "queas".  Too bad there isn't a skunk free zone that can be enforced around our neighborhood.  That would be so awesome.  We got stuck by one here in town while stopped at a red light and it was killing me.  Glenn told me that is was a "potent skunk" because it had been there for several days, as he has driven by it the past few mornings while going to work and that it was weakening.  Didn't seem weak to me.  Little Miss B was totally not paying attention to the conversation, caught only part of it and then exclaimed "Daddy, why would you punch a skunk?".  Good thing we were stopped at the red light because I would have probably drove off the road I was laughing so hard.  While trying not to "queas".

-   I think Winter is trying to push it's way in and take over for Fall already.  Just dang cold here the past few days.  There is snow on the mountains already and tonight is suppose to be as low as 35!  Seriously!  Where is that happy little medium where no utilities have to be used for at least a month, maybe a teensy more?  It's killing me.  I want my wonderful little Fall.  Mom is coming up for a visit and we had to remind her to leave the flip flops at home and bring warm clothes.  It isn't in the 90's up here like where she is.

-   Now it's back to the regularly scheduled program around here... Painting.  At least it's half done.  But I'm not liking two story homes right now.  Just saying.




  1. Hi Kar, sounds like you are making great progress on your house. I hope winter holds off for you and you'll have some pretty fall days to enjoy. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way for sunny fall weather and lots of energy to finish your project. Take care and have a great weekend. Heather

  2. Painting can be such a chore but it does sound like you are making good progress. I would love to know the colour of the door. I've never smelt a skunk as we don't have them downunder but I've heard it's not very nice. I hope you do get some autumn weather. Hot to cold just isn't fair.
    Anne xx

  3. Doubling things get me confused sometimes and have done exactly what you have done.
    Kar I have to give you a funny that my daughter Erin put on Facebook. Erin is 22 and living and working in Texas, this is what she said....

    "The kid stops running around for 5 seconds turns to me and says in her high pitched toddler voice "I like your ear necklaces" then promptly turns around and farts... she then says "My butt made a weird noise!" and starts running again. I love being an aunt".

    Just thought you'd appreciate it and get a good chuckle out of it.

  4. The skunks around here are so nasty. The smell is enough to make anyone "Queas". Can't wait to see the awesome door color! Cookies look great and I hope you have a nice visit with your mama.

  5. Oh my gosh! How did I miss this post??? I think you totally redeemed yourself with this batch of cookies. Yep. I'm pretty sure of it. If I smelled that skunk, I would probably queas too. I'm just saying. And, good thing you told your mom to leave the flip flops behind. When I visited my cousin in Iowa one spring, I had sandals on, and as the plane started to land, I saw all the snow that covered the ground...snow that wasn't detected on the weather station before I packed...and I did check. Just gotta be prepared. (It also helped that my cousin and I wore the same shoe size.)

  6. Hi, Kar! It looks like you had a very busy week. Cooking and painting, both requires attention and effort; hope you didn't do it the same day. Anyway, what's the new color of your door? What inspired you to paint it with a new color, by the way?