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21 October 2013

Trailing of the Sheep - day 2

The second day of our trip found us getting up early so we could make it into Ketchum early enough to find a decent parking spot, visit some shops that were open early and find our spot on the side of the street to watch the parade.  There was no big shopping spree happening that day, trust me.  Way too pricey for my wallet.  $300 corduroy pants is a bit ridiculous.  So our spot was staked out and we waited patiently for the parade to start.  It was a late start due to the lack of cooperation from the main attraction participants (sheep).  Apparently they wanted to go one way north of town and their owners wanted them to go a different way and they were having none of that.  But eventually the sheep decided to go along with the plan and the parade started.  We then enjoyed all the groups that represented sheep herding around the world.

There was more of the Boise Basque Dancers.

There were lots of pretty horse teams and sheep wagons.

Peruvian Dancers and Musicians representing Peruvian sheepherders.

And then came the main attraction and the family who owns them.  Over 1500 of them.

Right down the middle of town.  As quick as they could.

They weren't playing around on this day.  Just went about their business, no monkeying around.  No stopping what so ever.  And before you knew it, they were gone.  Seriously, 5 mins.  Some years they will just mosey down the street and take their time.  I think they were probably miffed that they didn't have their way on the North side of town and had enough of it all.  It was pretty awesome to see anyways.

Then we made our way back over to Sun Valley Lodge to mosey around ourselves.  While it was very pretty to see, it was not what I had imagined with all the hype it always gets on TV.  And again way to pricey for anything.  We got to see Bald Mountain (the main ski area) and other scenic things around the lodge.  The scenery is so very pretty around there.  I could walk around all day and look at the scenery.

We eventually found our way down to the Wood River and one of the many trails around it and finished off the day there.  Simply gorgeous!  When the temperature started getting a bit chilly we headed back to our hotel and hunkered down for the night so we could get stared on our short drive home the next morning.

And as with any trip, we were tired but excited about what we saw and explored.  And needed a whole entire day to rest before we got back to our normal routine.  A trip well worth being tired from.




  1. What a fun trip, I would have enjoyed seeing all those sheep. The scenery looks spectacular too. Hope you have a great week. Heather

  2. What a great trip! I'd really love to plant myself out there right now. Simply gorgeous. And look at those sheep! I've never really seen a bunch of sheep like this. Never seen Peruvian dancers either, but I do love the yarns from Peru. They have the best wool!

  3. WOW now that's a lot of sheep! Glad you got away, looks like a blast and I agree 300 bucks for a pair of pants is nuts :)

  4. How delightful! I would love to see those sheep parading down the center. I have a long time love of sheep and often dream of having a few of my own. For what?? Who knows!