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01 August 2012

Hot summer days...

Venturing out has not been high on the list here the past week or so.  Just too hot.  Sick of it already.  So to keep busy, projects are being completed and checked off our lists.

The second set of shams are now adorning Miss B's bed.  Who knew that this is all it would take for her to make sure her bed is made every morning and have it looking "gorgeous".

While I've been busy with the sewing machine, the girls have kept themselves occupied with their own creations.  It's nearly fair time.  And the creative bug has taken hold of the girls again.  

Em completed her upcoming entry.

Even Miss B went all out this time and hand sewed a bunny to enter this year.  Hand sewn all by herself!  No help from me except for little suggestions of what would work best for her to complete it.  Very meticulous work for an 8 yr. old.

And when the pillow sham were completed, there were two projects left on the sewing list that I just had to get moving on.

A summery dress for the hot summer days Miss B must endure.  Not like she will be outside any time soon after her mishap with a hornet yesterday afternoon.  She has sworn off going outside the rest of the summer so she won't have to deal with the little buggers again.  At least until the fair gets here.  Gotta love her.

And a summery top for Em made with her very own fabric choices.  She loved the ones I made so much that a trip to the fabric store was made from her own picks.  It turned out way cute for her.

As of tonight I will be working on Glenn's blanket in hopes of getting it finished soon.  I figured that during these next couple of weeks will be a perfect time work on it while tuning into the Olympics.  Slowly but surely he will get his comfy blanket to cuddle up with.  Cross fingers that lots of progress is made during this time.



  1. You and the girls have been having a delightfully creative time. Every piece looks gorgeous.
    Stay cool.
    Anne xx

  2. Wow Kar just gorgeous. It so nice your girls like to create!

  3. So many nice projects!! :o)
    These hot days sure make for
    good craft days. :o)

  4. Kar, your pillow shams are beautiful, you are a very talented lady. The projects your daughters made are lovely and I wish them lots of luck at the fair. Take care, Heather

  5. Kar, you have definitely willed the crafting gene to your girls! They are so talented. I won't be surprised if you all take home more craft fair ribbons this year. And those summery tops and dresses, wonderful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Glenn. I'm feeling kinda bad that he's been patiently waiting, but I know his cuddly blanket will make up for the wait. :-)

  6. Wow! Such exquisite crafty-ness going on in your house!
    All you gals are so talented.
    Yes...its hot.
    Down here its hot AND we are surrounded by smoke.

  7. okay super cute stuff going on over at your place i see, love your work, all of it quilts to dress, sheesh.... okay i'm thinking as soon as it cools down a bit i will have to sit back down and get crafty too :) hope you are having a great summer

  8. Hi Kar!
    So many lovely, colorful creations going on in your household. How fun! The girls are following in your footsteps. I am very impressed with their handiwork! And I love the top you made for Em. Still can't believe how grown up she is though!

  9. ps. I entered my scrappy quilt into a contest. If you think it merits a vote, will you hop over and give it a thumbs up? The title of my quilt is "scrappy quilt" and the link is : http://quiltinggallery.com/blog-posts/

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Trish xo