"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

24 August 2012

Enjoying the weekend...

After a long night at the Fair riding as many rides the kids could possibly cram in within 5hrs.,

watching Little Man enjoy all the lights and sounds,

and devour the best corn dog he has ever had,

today is a day for relaxing and trying to get rid of a brain fog from too much sugar and junk food that I subjected myself to.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to do that on with the temps being in the 70's, breezes blowing and all the windows open in the house.  Let's not forget not a bit of smoke in the air either!  Loving it!

With all this wonderfulness happening outdoors I have decided that starting today for the rest of the weekend I will enjoy being outside near my flowers and just be happy about being able to get outside for a change.

And I'm going to be a complete rebel and turn the oven on and bake a few batches of cookies, start dinner and let it simmer all afternoon just so I can straighten up the back patio a bit and stay out there for as long as I want.

Who knows maybe I will bring some supplies out with me and work on a project.  I'm just going to enjoy doing what I want, when I want.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend also!
Be a rebel!



  1. Sounds like fun. Your flowers look pretty, not much left of mine. Glad the smoke has cleared from your area. Enjoy your weekend and the pretty weather you have. Heather

  2. Little Man is way to cute! Your flowers are divine. And you enjoy doing ANYTHING YOU FEEL LIKE DOING!!! I am all for it :)))

  3. So is the fair one of those big old fashioned ones? It sounds great.
    I'm glad you can finally enjoy some time outdoors with the weather a little cooler for you to be comfortable. Enjoy!!
    Anne xx

  4. Sounds like a super fantastic weekend! After that blanket reveal, you deserve this break. Enjoy. :-)

  5. Oh! what fun!
    I baked all day yesterday, it was heavenly!
    It only got to 79 here, so no guilt in warming up the house too much:)
    I love that picture of the little man and his grin of pure glee!
    Have a great weekend!