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20 August 2012

First Place...

Wow!  I absolutely lost track of time here on the blog.  Hard to believe I haven't stopped and shared things here since the beginning of the month.  Geez!  It's been a busy and reflective month so far I must say.  The weather is still hot which I'm not a fan of at all.  Going outside just has not been an option here lately with all the smoke hanging in the air the past couple of weeks.  We are all feeling the effects of it all with stuffy heads and sore throats from breathing all that smoke whenever we do venture out.  It's no fun being a homebody when it is forced upon you.

 And to make matters worse, there is no escaping up to our favorite spots in the mountains because of all the fires and smoke in our state.  It's beyond sad to say the least.  The girls and I come to tears just about every night when we watch the news to get updates about the fire that is threatening one of our favorite places to escape to.  We get sad because we know that all that beautiful scenery will be forever changed and then quite upset to know that it was caused by a careless someone roaming around the forest.

Anyhoo, there was so great news concerning the Fair for two girls around here.  There was a special trip made just to check out the animals and the exhibition halls.  No need for rushing through all the great stuff of look at.

First stop was to see how the girls did with their projects.

Miss B got First Place with her bunny!  She squealed so loud that she scared quite a few people standing near by.  She was very happy to say the least.

And Em got First Place along with a Special Achievement Ribbon!  She was strutting around all proud of herself also.

With the day being hot, we stayed in the exhibition halls as much as possible only to venture out to get some good fair food and then a trip to the butterfly exhibit.  Nice and cool there especially with the misters going the whole time.

During the times when going outside is just not an option because you just can't breathe, serious work has been accomplished on Glenn's blanket.  It has taken a bit longer than just during the Olympic games but it is nearly complete.  Life gets in the way at times.  Nothing left but all the little white tails from each square.  Thank goodness I tucked all the others in as I went along.  I would be crying right now.   

 Just like I did when I wrote out the check for the power bill today.  Seriously!!!  I want my cool mornings with breezes back so I can have the windows open for the majority of the day and the a/c stays turned off.  I'm officially ready for Fall to come our way.  Cool temps and some rain would be welcomed with open arms by me.



  1. Well done to your girls on their achievements at the fair. That will be very encouraging for them. Glen's blanket looks lovely, the colours are gorgeous.
    I've been away and didn't realise there were fires in your area. I hope you have some cool weather and rain soon.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  2. I knew it! I knew your girls would place at the fair. And they did. Such talented young ladies they are. I wonder where in the world they get that from? Hummm....

    So sorry to hear that those fires are still going and the smoke is so strong. Fall will be coming around the corner faster than you think. :-)

  3. Congratulations to your girls!! You must be a proud mom. Such talented children they are!

    Fires seems to be everywhere this summer. Here in Spain they have burned many areas, including one whole National Park (Garajonay). So sad!

  4. Sorry to hear about the fires there, don't you just want to choke those careless someones?
    Congrats to the girls!!!! and Glenn's blanket is looking good. I too tuck those threads along the way, I hate doing it, but am so happy when I'm done and don't have to do it :)

  5. So sorry to hear about the fires in your area; hopefully they will be able to put them out soon. Congratulations to both your girls on their achievements; that is terrific! I can't wait to see the blanket you are making for your husband, it looks like you are using some pretty fall colors. Hope cooler weather comes your way soon. Take care, Heather

  6. Congrats to your 2 Young Misses! How thrilling! And much deserved. I am so sorry about all your heat and fire and smoke. I will continue to pray for you and the whole situation. And for an early, cool Fall.
    Be Blessed,