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01 April 2016

Spring arriving...

     Spring is finally showing up here.  Everyone here is so happy about this change in seasons.  We have had our share of hibernating for a few months and it is time to move on.  Windows and back doors were open yesterday much to everyones delight.  I may have even forgot to turn the heater on last night before getting to bed.  I for one did not notice or mind while wrapped up in the comfy quilts that lay on my bed.  The others in the house were a bit put off by it while proclaiming that they were a bit too chilly after crawling out of bed this morning.  Upon looking at the thermostat I saw that it was only 1 degree off from what it would be if the heater was on.  Oh how you get so used to things being the same after months of indoor coziness.  I am happy about the heater not being needed due to the fact that the gas bill will have a significant drop now.

     I am an early bird.  I try to get everyone moving each morning as early as possible just so that they don't miss the sun coming up in the morning.  It's one of my favorite parts of each day.  I know that I annoy others with this some mornings.  This morning I sat in someones room with the curtains wide open, sunshine streaming in, listening to a rough draft of a story this certain someone has been writing for some time now.  She's moving closer to her publishing dream.  I for one couldn't more proud of her for her drive to accomplish her dreams, goals set and met, her imagination with these tales and the smile that comes across her face as she reads the tales to us.  Love it all.  God, thank you for this!

     Getting up early also provides a great opportunity to get moving along the river for hours of hiking with just the sounds of the water rushing by and birds singing before the sounds of others spoil it all.  It's also great for the simple fact that there are areas that can be explored before the river flow increases this weekend.  Then there will be months where we will not be able to get down to the most interesting spots to be explored.  Oh well, we will have to be patient because that time will come again.  At least there will still be the sounds of birds, water and the wind in the trees to enjoy.

     There will be lots of outdoor gardeny things happening the next few days as seeds are planted for delicious, tasty treats and lots of eye candy throughout the yard.  And hopefully as the day winds down there will be time to work on finishing a quilt.  So much to do.  But so much that keeps me happy.  And excited.



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  1. Oh, so many wonderful springtime goodies. I could welcome that hike anytime. It looks so peaceful and relaxing (minus the early part, but I could do it just for that experience). Tell that certain someone that I can't wait to get an autographed copy of one's book upon being published. :-)