"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

11 October 2015

The green blanket of texture ...

     I finally finished the Green Blanket of Texture.  It was started way back when just as a project to be worked on whenever.  Slowly but surely it has been drug out of its place of waiting from time to time whenever I needed to work on something different.  Now it is finally complete.  It is being drug around the house where ever it is wanted for the past few days.  Putting smiles on faces when one needs to be cozy.  I've had one person dropping hints as to how wonderful it would look in another color.  Maybe one day that person will get what they are asking for.  As for now, this one will just have to do.

(This blanket has found its way into my youngest's room being her favorite color is green.  No need to be selfish.  Seriously, how many blankets do I need!  Share the love and warmth.)




  1. Oh my, that is soooooo darling!

  2. Lovely! The perfect shade of green for a balanced design. :-)

  3. That is one lovely blanket! Oh my. The texture, the color, the stichery (that might not really be a word - lol). Anyhoo, I just love it. Your littlest one did the right thing in snagging that blanket. :-)