"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

09 October 2015


     Fall has been so very wonderful here so far.  Gorgeous weather.  Bright beautiful days.  Temps have been just right.  I've been secretly wishing the temps could be like this all year long.  Windows have been open 24 hours a day for well over a month now.  Early morning wake ups have been greeted with spectacular morning skies.  Such a pretty sight first thing in the morning.

     The leaves are starting to turn and fall, scattering here and there all over the yard.  One little person has been eagerly awaiting this time just so she can rake a new bunch of leaves every day.

     I'm trying to hold out on ripping out all the flowers around the yard just so I can save seeds from the most colorful blooms.  I'm not going to be able to put it off much longer being I know the rain will be coming soon and I don't want to be messing with wet, mushy plants.

     A few little hats have been made for the wee ones of the family that didn't get particular ones last year.  I'm brainstorming now as to which new ones need to be made for this year.  I have to start them soon.  Very soon.

     Cooler temps means there is more interest in cooking again.  Summer just drains you with the heat and I certainly do not like being in the kitchen cooking hot, stuffy meals on hot days.  My little Chef has been cooking a lot lately.  Fried Chicken, soups, roasts and stuffed shells have been on our menu lately.  She has done a fabulous job.  I love how eager she has been to tackle recipes I would have never suggested for her.  I have happily been her sous chef answering all her questions as she goes along from start to finish.  If she isn't "in charge" of a particular meal then she has been right beside me watching everything going on.  Who knows what this may lead to.  She is eagerly awaiting Christmas and all its goodies.

     Cooler nights have forced me to break out the flannel sheets and put on and extra quilt on the bed at night.  It had to be done being that I refuse to close the windows at this point.  48 degrees in the early morning is not enough to push me towards closing windows at night just yet.  I'm hoping for a few more weeks till then.

     I for one am loving all that Fall is bringing so far.  Crossing fingers that it will bring along many more wonderful days.




  1. It is lovely to hear your stories about autumn when we are heading into the delights of spring and a warm one it has been these past two weeks, unseasonably so. As much as I dislike the colder months, you can enjoy more comforting foods, something that just doesn't seem right in summer. Enjoy those open windows.
    Anne xx

  2. Those sky views are simply beautiful. This is my favourite season and I'm currently enjoying it so much that I feel everybody should do too. I'm glad you do! :-)

  3. Your version of Fall sounds so good and looks so beautiful! It truly is my favorite season. Love the leaf image and excited that you have a budding chef in your home. These are the perfect ages to learn all sorts of things.