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10 November 2013

Sock yarn...

I love sock yarn.  There is no doubt about it.  I love all the colors mixed together, the softness, the squishiness.  I love it!  

I found some that I had bought a while back, a couple of years ago in fact.  Having the urge to work on something simple during last weeks chilly days found me going through a bag of sock yarn stash to see if there was anything that called out to me.  Thankfully there was.  But socks were not what I was thinking about making.  Something a bit more visual.  Something that did not want to be hidden underneath jeans and inside shoes.  Something that wanted to add a splash of color during the gray days that are sure to be ahead in the next few months.  Something with a bit of style.  Most importantly, something that was quick to make.

Scarves.  It was the only logical thing to make.  Once Em saw the one that I had finished for Miss B, one had to be made for her.  Two beautiful skeins that she picked out long ago, finally made into something she loves.

And once Em's scarf was finished, two more skeins came out of the bag so a scarf could be made for myself.  Love the colors that were in my two skeins!  So perfect for Fall and Winter with all that gorgeous color.    The scarves may have already been worn several times since being finished.  Just can't help myself.

This is what we saw this morning after opening the curtains.  Apparently I was wrong about the last day of the year for balloon sightings.  It's nice to be wrong about things like this.




  1. Hi Karfeee! So glad to see that you posted this time!! I seldom get to visit, but had to say Hi!! The scarf is just beautiful! And so is what we can see of your daughter!! Hope all is well with you, my friend! Things here are good. Watchin one of the grandies in a bit, and making chicken piccata for dinner! YUM! Have a lovely week!!!

  2. Your scarves are gorgeous and your daughter...she's beautiful. I love seeing hot air balloons, they look so peaceful floating through the sky. Have a lovely day/evening.

    Anne xx

  3. Love the beautiful scarves... what pattern did you use? And, I agree... your daughter is quite a lovely young lady.

    Did I ever tell you that I took a hot air balloon ride in Africa over the Serengeti plains? It lasted two hours, started before sunrise, and included a champagne breakfast when we touched down. It was heavenly. So, I love seeing hot air balloons in the sky. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen here! :)

  4. Your scarves are so pretty and look nice on your daughter. I love the balloons! We saw a lot of them this summer by the new house, but with the colder weather, haven't seen any. There is something neat about "I spying" a colorful balloon in the air. You had asked about the house; it's slow and unfortunately won't be finished by the end of the year as I had hoped. Hope you have a terrific week. Heather

  5. Those are so pretty Kar...You just gave me an idea for one of my daughter-in-laws.

  6. Sooo pretty. I too love sock yarn, it's so soft. I just finished two infinity scarves for myself, was also looking for something fun and quick to make :)

  7. Beautiful, both of them. You are so darn talented and I agree sock yarn is awesome and can and should be used for things other than socks :) Have a great day buddy!

  8. Both scarves are just lovely! And thanks to you, I know that sock yarn can be used for things besides socks. I remember you informing me on that way back when I first "met" you. So good to know because I've seen some gorgeous sock yarns. Whoowhee!