"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

22 November 2013

Gathering up supplies...

     After a morning of running around for important errands, it was back to the house so I could get a start on a very important project.  After a quick little lunch, I was scurrying around gathering all the components needed to work on the BIG quilt.  Quilt top, quilt back, batting, fabric for binding, a huge pitcher of ice tea, bits of chocolate, 300 or so safety pins and my trusty iPod and headphones.  Pinning took a bit but the music cranking in the ears made pinning a more pleasant task.  This quilt is massive.  It took up the entire dining room area just to be able to pin it properly. Now a teeny break is needed to stretch the back out and get dinner cooking.  I'm being patient enough to wait to start quilting it until after dinner so that no one has to sit on the floor to eat.  I think that is very generous of me, being that it is so hard to wait until then.




  1. Whoa, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous and BIG! :)
    Anne xx

  2. You are like me, I need to listen to something while pinning. That is beautiful!

  3. Holy cow that thing sounds huge! I know you'll bust it out though. You know I never finished sandwiching my "summer" quilt from a few years ago. It's king size and I think I'm just intimidated. One day I'll get there... :) Looking forward to seeing your finished pics. Have a great weekend buddy!

  4. Hi Kar!
    I am just scrolling through all your lovely posts I have been missing.
    Who gets the BIG quilt? I looks gorgeous.
    We have had snow flurries off and on but nothing sticking yet.
    We were in the path of the tornado storms that hit last weekend. We went without power for 12 hours but thankfully that is all. The town just 10 miles from us, Washington, Illinois was hit hard.
    Our area is full of rescue missions.
    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

  5. Great day! That's one big quilt. It's already a beauty, so I can only imagine how much more gorgeous it'll be when you complete it. You always amaze with your large projects that are done so quickly. Impressed.