"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

16 November 2013

First snow...

          The first snow of the season greeted us with all its beauty during the night.  I can't think of a more wonderful thing to see first thing in the morning, at the moment.  What a treat.  The sleepy head of the house was the first one up and out of bed just so she could get the "first touch" of it.  Who knew it was that easy to get her out of bed.  I wonder if she would catch on if I get a snow making machine and used it through out the year just to get her up in the morning.  Hmmmm….

     The first snowman was made.  Leaves did not dull the moment.  It was still exciting for her.  And snow ducks were made.  Mommy and baby.  Apparently they are just as important as a snowman.

     Now that Miss B is back in the house, warming up, I am headed down to start on the plan of the day.  Tea, sewing, iPod cranking and lounging around in pj's for as long as I want.  Perfect on this snowy, blustery, cold day.




  1. What an awesome way to wake up! Super fun and your day sounds... well, it sounds perfect, enjoy!

  2. The snow is gorgeous but isn't it just a little too early for snow? I don't like cold weather so am glad we are going into summer soon. :) Love the snow ducks.
    Anne xx

  3. It was a beautiful snowy morn, wasn't it!?
    So glad you all got to enjoy it too:)

  4. Yay snow!!!! I remember waking up to snow and jumping out of bed as fast as I could :) Love the snow man and your bottom photo looks so inviting. Someday I'm heading to Idaho so we can have a cup of coffee together.

  5. The snow is beautiful, but I'm surprised to see a certain someone in short sleeves! No way for me. :-) Glad you all received a beautiful snow that you can admire from your beautiful view (since you got a new window).