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17 November 2009

It's done!

I finished the sweater Sunday afternoon. And yes I was dancing around, but not enough to hurt myself. :) It's so cozy and warm! It has to be my favorite new sweater. I didn't get any pics of wearing it yet. Not that good of a photographer. Maybe on one of Glenn's days off I'll get one. One good thing about today is that I will be wearing this gem all day today since there will be trips outside the house. It's that warm! What a great day it is going to be!

So with the sweater being done and all, I had to move on to something else. After a wee little chat with Glenn, who is very understanding I must add, two quick projects were bumped up on the project list since they are quick to finish. I really love my Glenn. Did I ever mention that before? Wasn't sure.

So anyhoo, I started yesterday the Calorimetry pattern that I have had for a couple of years now. I adjusted it just a bit because of the yarn I used. I finished it last night and I love it. I just need to add the button and it will be ready to wear. Then the second little project will be a neck warmer to go along with the headband. Because like Glenn said, "you can't have one without the other". So that will be started later today. I'm using the same yarn that I used for the headband because one should have coordinating pieces in their wardrobe you know. :) Here is a link to a pic of the neck warmer to get an idea of what it will look like. Hopefully this will only be a day or two project and then on to Glenn's hoodie. Cross your fingers.

There was one bit of excitement running around here yesterday that I must share because I'm just so pleased as punch with myself. I don't like tooting my own horn, but I was doing a dance all around the house over this one.

Back at the beginning of May I do believe, the shower arm broke off in the wall of the shower in my bathroom. Yes, another plumbing problem right after we had just fixed the "LEAK". Glenn and I thought we can fix that ourselves instead of paying someone nearly $200 to come out for a few minutes to remedy the problem. So we looked and looked for the "right tool" to do the job. No luck. Nothing work, after buying about 5 different things that were suppose to be "sure fixes". Yeah, right.

So, Glenn and I were talking this past weekend about how we really need to fix that thing because hauling ourselves downstairs to the 3rd bathroom every time we want to shower is way past getting old. Well, I had a dream night before last where my Dad was telling me that I had to look online for the fix. But he wasn't telling me what I needed to fix. Anyhoo, when I got online yesterday morning to search for "lesson info" I diverted away and went to go look for shower arm fixes. I found ONE that wasn't the same as what we had already tried. I had to go get a #10 flat file from the hardware store, tap the wide end into the pipe with a hammer and then turn it with vice grip pliers. Well, IT WORKED!!!!!!! For the love of Pete!! $5 and two minutes of work and we were back in business!!! At first when I felt the pipe turn I thought "OH Crumbs!!!" I just broke the copper pipe in the wall. But with the flashlight and a little more turning realized that the broke piece was actually coming out of the copper pipe! I'm sure the neighbors heard me squeal. I started jigging and then realized that I was still standing on the step stool and that wasn't so smart. So I got off of that and continued in my room. Glenn called from work before leaving and I made him tell me how freakin' awesome I am before I told him what I had done. I heard laughter in the background from his co-workers. :) Oh you don't know how wonderful it was to shower in my own bathroom last night. I was singing my little "I love my shower" song as Glenn was asking if I really needed to do that. And I don't normally sing in the shower. At least we didn't hear any dogs in the neighborhood singing along. A good sign I guess.

Glenn can now go to work and tell the guys how he "made" me fix something else in the house. Apparently there is a "girl" who works with Glenn who thinks it is absolutely awful how Glenn makes me do "fix it" jobs around the house. All the guys who know me got a kick out of that because of a conversation one day at break time. All the other guys told her "you obviously don't know Kar because Glenn is not going to make her do something she doesn't want to do". Please keep in mind that this "girl" thinks that guys are scum and they have no place in the world. Yeah, she needs help. She obviously forgot how it took a guy's help to get her into this world. Anyhoo...

So all is FANTABULOUS in this little slice of Idaho today. I'll be wearing my new sweater. I'll be starting a second project today. And the shower is FIXED!!!! What else could a person want in the world? Not much. For now. I'll let you know if there is anything else. :)

Hope you have a fantabulous day also!


  1. Oh Kar, that sweater is awesome. Be sure and have Glenn take a picture of you in it. There's nothing like seeing it on. Love the colors in your headband and neckwarmer. OOOOOh, I really do!

    You are too funny. My mom always was the fixer in our house growing up. If Ken can't fix it in ours then it probably wouldn't get done. I'm definitely not a hammer-wielding mama. I don't like tools. The largest tool I own is a Tunisian crochet hook. ;-)

  2. The sweater looks great, Kar! I wish I could knit as fast and neat as you do. :-)

  3. you are a fast knitter!
    lovely sweater.
    Can't wait to see the neckwarmer.

  4. Good job on that shower fix! Love the sweater.

  5. Your sweater is abolutely lovely! I'm going to try my first sweater in a very long time as soon as I finish the socks I'm knitting. Wish me luck! Maybe I can ask you for help if I need it? :)

  6. Well done, that sweater looks great!

    Anna x

  7. Your work is beautiful, Kar!!! You're so fast with those needles. And I get the feeling your house is very animated. :-)