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20 November 2009

A Christmas sweater...

Well, the sweater made it to my sister. I know you were probably wondering what was going on with the green project that I never shared pics on. I was going to send it out last week but forgot the little label that goes inside. So then I waited till Monday to mail things off. You know every little person needs a wonderful first Christmas outfit to wear. So now my little niece will be all decked out. It's looking like she will arrive on Dec. 3rd if she doesn't make a move herself. The doctor doesn't want to take any chances with my sisters gestational diabetes. Two more weeks...

Last night I started Glenn's sweater. I'm loving this bulky yarn. It's going pretty fast. So hopefully this project won't take as long as the others. You know I just jinxed myself. The pic isn't the best with the lighting being awful here today. Overcast and gray. Another storm is moving in to dump lots of snow in the mountains. We might have a dusting down here in the valley over the weekend. The girls are doing their "snow dance". And it's a long dance. I guess that means I better get moving to the store to get everything for Thanksgiving.

I just have to decide what to make for desert. No one wants pie. So maybe a cobbler or something. That's always a winner around here. The girls helped with a peach cobbler last night and there's maybe one helping left. So...

Hope everyone has a great weekend. You know what I will be doing. Like that's hard to figure out. Just making sure everyone is prepared for the Ice Age, whenever that happens. Doing my part you know. :)



  1. I need to get a grocery list going, I'm in charge of desserts this year and hubby wants me to make 3 different ones!
    Oh my stars...

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kar!

  2. KARFEEEEEEEE!! Love the headband, love the sweater set, and I'd love them even more if I could pop over and see them over a cup of hot something!! How about spiced cider?? :o)

    Hope your Friday has been delightful so far, and that you resolve that dessert issue!! I make three pies, but don't eat them myself! I'd rather have more turkey or green bean casserole or sweet potatoes or......

    Blessings and hugs my friend!!

  3. You're the queen of knitters! Love all your projects but I still have my eye on the pretty red sweater you are making!

  4. SNOW!!!!????

    You're just whippin' these projects out! Whew!!! I love this gray. I know your hubby will love his sweater too. That baby outfit is adorable. :-)

  5. I love it Kar! and I can't wait to see Glen's finished sweater. I really like the color you are making it with. I can't wait for snow to come here. The weather hasn't been exactly to the point of snow yet. I bet you have to prepare for those snow storms...around here the stores will get busy if a storm is predicted but not too bad.

  6. Wow I'm so impressed!!! Love the Christmas sweater set and Love Love Love the head hug!!!! You inspire me!!