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21 May 2009

Two rectangle grannies down, one more to go...

It almost seems like I haven't done much of anything with my yarn and hook here lately.  I've been trying to get things caught up around here and it just seems things keep on coming, standing in line, waiting on me.  If it's not a leaky pipe somewhere to be found, it's a broken handle on the drain pipe of our sprinkler system, etc.  So yesterday you would have caught me digging a 3' x3' hole that was nearly 4' deep just to get to the stupid handle that needed replaced.  Now you must know that I have a neighbor that must always come over and tell me that I should leave jobs like that for Glenn to do when he gets home.  You would think that after 13yrs of being in this house and having the same neighbor that she would have learned by now that I do not leave things to be done when I can get in there and get them fixed all by myself.  I can't wait for things to be fixed.  Drives me crazier than anything I can think of.  BIG pet peeve!!  And why wait for Glenn to get home and bust his tail some more after doing it all day long already.  It's not right.  So by the time Glenn came home he and a friend of ours hung themselves into the hole I dug and fidgeted with the broken handled piece and rusted screw until they came off.  Let me tell you that "Liquid Wrench" is my new best friend around these parts.  AWESOME!!!  So then off to the hardware store it was to get a new handle and screw, back to the hole to attach everything and fill all that dirt back into that @$@#^&@**&^#@ hole.  So now our other friend can come over when he can to turn our sprinklers on so I don't have to keep going out in the yard to move a sprinkler all over just to water the yard.  Yes, I am spoiled with our sprinkler system and I wouldn't have a yard without one.  It's nice to have it come on during the night when I'm sleeping and my yard look wonderfully green.

So today I am not moving very fast at all.  I went to bed last night VERY early because I couldn't move another inch.  It was all I could do to shower and eat dinner.  Thank goodness I put dinner in the crock pot very early in the day because the gang would have been eating pop tarts or something otherwise.  And I will keep Glenn FOREVER!  He cleaned the floors for me last night and got the girls off to bed without a hitch just so I could go to bed early.  I do love that man!!  All I have accomplished today was laundry and a wee bit of tidying up.  That's all that is on the list.  Thank goodness for left overs.  :D

I did have to show what I have been working on here lately though.  I have made some rectangle granny things for my kitchen dining room area.  I really like them a lot.  It may be a new addiction for me.  I can imagine all the wonderful colors I can make these beauties with so I can have all kinds of beautiful color to look at.  

I will make a pattern up for this.  I just haven't decided what to do with it yet.  Glenn says I should come up with a pattern and sell it because of all the work I have put into it.  We'll see.  I'll keep you posted on what I decide.  Anyway, off for some more  Aspercreme for the hands and Tylenol for the rest of me.  I hope this is it for digging around this place for a long time.  If I had to dig like that for a garden, I wouldn't be putting one in this year.   Thank goodness there isn't that much to do out there because I have to have my tomatoes and okra.  I wouldn't be able to go on!  Off to fold clothes so that I might be able to work on the table runner that I already started.

Have a FAB day!  I hope everyone is moving faster and easier than me today!  I'm pretty sure you are.  Man, if this is what getting old feels like, I don't want any part of it.  :)

Toodles Noodles!!!


  1. Congrats on doing it yourself! I don't get why people think we are incapable :)
    I love your grannies....hhmmm...maybe I'll get back to that little blanket soon.

  2. Oh my gosh, Kar, I am tired just thinking about you doing that. No wonder you were exhausted. I think I'll have to go to bed early just in sympathy for you. ;-)

    I love your mats. I might have to make some for myself. I've got some cool nylon yarn that might be just perfect for them.

  3. Hi Ya ... a girl after my own heart good to see you round at mine x Kieren

  4. I like the grannie squares as well as the Big Boy Statue. Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. That is gorgeous!! I love the bright colors. I want one!