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23 May 2009

A day of rock hounding

A couple of weeks ago while Glenn was still off from work, we took a day trip to go rock hounding.  We weren't too sure if there would be anything to spectacular about the trip but we were willing to go on an adventure and just see what happened.  Anything was great after dealing with the leak in the house and getting that fixed.  So off on a stress relieving trip we headed, down the road with snacks and goodies in the back and the all important collection bags.  Sometimes these bags are being drug back to the truck because we have two little people who can't bare to part with the treasures they find.  This day was no different.  Bits of agate, petrified wood, purpley colored rocks, red ones, stripey ones, etc.  Brenna found one that was almost as big as her and she was trying to pick it up.  Even if it meant she would bust a gut doing it.  Luckily we talked her out of it and she found more manageable ones.  Phew!!!
We noticed on our trusty little map we printed out that there was mention of an old stage stop that used to be in the area in the days of the pioneers in this area.  With a little searching we found it (the foundation) and the well that was used.  As you can tell, drinking from it is not recommended any longer.  Refreshing, isn't it?  But it does look that it was lined with rocks all the way down.  Could you imagine taking the time to do that?  Not sure I would.  Luckily it is fenced in so no one falls into it.  No one would ever hear you if you did.  That would be rough.

The weather was gorgeous for this day outing.  A little breezy, but nothing a good ole' jacket recently bought on a trip didn't fix.  Man I really like my jacket!  :)  While Glenn and the girls walked along the creek looking for treasures, I enjoyed staying in one spot picking at the dirt in a few places seeing what I would find and mostly listening to the water in the creek.  I found two pieces of petrified wood just sitting on my tail not moving too much.  Pretty good day if I must say.  I have to say that there was one rock near where we parked that caught my eye and I had to start digging for it.  So I did end up with a good sized rock but at least I could pick it up and carry it.

After exploring for a few hours, it was snack time and back to the truck we headed.  The girls thought this would be a good time to get some "driving" experience in while Glenn and I looked on.  Luckily we had the keys and neither of the girls could reach the clutch if they tried.  Just listening to them on their "little trip" makes me a little nervous for what is to come when they reach the age to drive.  Let's just say there was lots of squealing tires, hitting the brakes, break neck turns, etc.  Maybe I can keep them off the road till they are 21.  Cross your fingers for that!  :)

So, we found the area where the stage stop used to stand.  It looks like it was dug into the ground for a couple of feet and then handmade bricks were placed around for the foundation.  Very cool.  Just think of how much work that would have been to build  that place.  I'm thinking it was at least 30' x 15'.  Decent size for way back then.  Em was trying to imagine who would have been traveling this far out "back in the day" and why.  Quite the imagination I tell you.  Once she gets going with her tales, you just sit and wonder where she comes up with all this stuff.  Too funny!!

The foundation bricks.  Too cool!

After all of our exploring and finding treasures, it was time to head home and find a spot in one of our flower beds for all the new great finds.  They have to be put in just the right spot.  We let the girls handle that.  We know that where ever we put the rocks, they won't be there when we come outside the next time.  

On our way out from the FAB spot, we saw a huge herd of cattle.  One just happened to be on the wrong side of the barb wire fence.  And you know that the girls made Glenn stop so they could moo at her and try to talk "cow".  Just don't ask.  You should know by now from reading past blogs that they need help.  :)  Soon after we got home the rock tumbler was taken out just to see if we had any treasures to speak off.  We will see some time this weekend.  I have been listening to that noise for the past two weeks.  Luckily it fits into a cooler and that drowns the noise out a bit.  I don't like "noises" any more around here.  :)

So now we wait for Glenn to come home so that we can all head to the garden center to pick out some pretty flowery plants to put in all our buckets out back.  I think we are on a mission to find some strawberry plants too.  I hope we can find some.  The girls will be devastated if we can't.  Can you believe I still have to buy seeds for the garden too!  I'm way behind in the ballgame here.  

The girls and I were talking about what we would look for while we were on our walk down the hill to the Saturday Market here in town.  Very nice morning for that.  If it could stay like that forever, I would be happy.  We made our way to the LYS to check out what they have for the upcoming bag sale next week.  45% off of everything you can cram in one bag!  And it's a good size bag!  So there was some planning with that.  Then through the market to see what was there to be sold.  The girls weren't impressed with much being that the local cherries weren't there yet.  So that will be the schedule for the next few Saturdays; walking down to the market to see if the cherry orchard has a stand there or not.  I hope it comes soon.  So to help with the sadness of no cherries at the market, we stopped at a sandwich shop to get lunch and head over to the park near the house.  That helped a bit.  No mention of the disappointment yet, until Dad gets home.  :)  

Days like this are what one hopes for.  Quiet, easy going, no headaches and just letting things happen however they may.  You really can't complain.  I'm not.  Hope your day has been like that.  If not I hope it happens some time this weekend.  Off to finish a couple of things before we hit the garden center.  I'm hoping for something red.  Cross your fingers.  

Keep smiling!  Toodles!!


  1. My first glance at the top picture was that the little one had the big sister over her shoulder. I did a double-take and am glad that I did cuz that's not what it was at all! Sounds like you had a good time. We need to get out to the garden shop too and get a few flowers planted. Right now we have the 4-year-old grandson and not much can be accomplished. He thinks he needs to entertained constantly!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time! Your lilac picture/header is gorgeous. I LOVE that variety.

  3. - I got a little nervous when I saw your girls "driving"; then, I read and realized no keys were involved. :-)

    - Love the purple flowers in your headline picture. Simply gorgeous!

    - School ends June 10. I'm trying to get the hats out of the way first and then go back to those "other" ones the kids picked. The "other" one I'm least sure about is the request for gloves(???). Can you crochet gloves? And then I got a new kid....but I'll get it all done.

    I made sure not to start any other projects for myself or anyone else until this is done. In fact, I'm getting excited to finish these crocheted projects b/c I told myself only then could I could do some sewing. That will be a welcomed change. hehehe

  4. What a fun time! I would've been excited about the old stagecoach station too. But having camped in a tent before I don't have any desire to even wonder what it would have been like to have lived in those days. I'm spoiled!

  5. your girls are so cute! love that photo a few posts ago of them hugging.

    can't wait to get the lowdown on how you did the rectangular grannies, so pretty!

    and finally, your banner photo of the lilac... wow! takes me back to my own days as a little girl playing in the huge lilac bushes... one was big enough to hide inside! thanks for sharing so many lovelies.