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13 May 2009

Day 3: Some serious kick back time

The day after the Silver Falls trip was consumed with some serious kicking back and catching up time with Gary and Chris.  Everyone slept in.  Even the dogs were made to lay back down after they had to go out for a quick morning "trip" to the backyard.
Everyone finally got up, ate breakfast (muffins made by the girls) and took the dogs on a great walk and run through a neighboring field.  The farmer who owns the property lets the neighbors use a back portion of the property to let the dogs run and be free.  The girls loved walking the dogs on their leash up to the property.  You should have seen the dogs take off in the field when the leashes were taken off.  Break neck speed!  Crazy, silly dogs. :)  We walked around that part of the very LARGE property following the dogs and girls while they were exploring.  There was even a hazelnut tree orchard to look at.  Very pretty trees.  There are tons of hazelnut orchards in that area.  Doesn't look like there will be a shortage any time soon. :)

After the walk, we all piled in Gary's truck and took off for some shopping.  Important things were needed.  Books, jeans, sneakers, and lots of snacks!  Gary gave us a tour of the area and where Intel is located.  That is where Gary works for now, but come fall that's a different story.  They are shutting down the fab plant there and no luck so far of transferring to another plant.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for him.  :)  Anyhoo, about the grand tour, I do believe Gary drove us around to reinforce the feeling that this "area" is very "different".  I have never been in an area where the street system is so "monkeyed" up.  You would be driving down a main drag which stayed the same name the whole road, but the side streets that crossed the main drag would have one name on the left and a totally different name on the right.  Makes sense doesn't it?  Only if you are a drunk monkey!  That reinforced the importance of having a navigational system in your car.  I couldn't go out without one.

Anyhoo, back at the "ranch" the girls were enjoying their goodies they got from Gary and Chris while out on our shopping spree.  They spoiled the girls and every time I would say "they don't need that" I got the eye.  You can only handle the eye  a few times and then you just have to hush.  LOL!!!  Em got a game and Brenna got some more Little Ponies stuff.  Glenn and I found Brenna another book for her Leapfrog Tag system.  I had to read the book to everyone when we got back to the house.  And of course the girls batted their eyes at Gary and convinced him to get on the floor and play with them for a bit.  He even opened up the packages and unwrapped each little bitty piece from the maximum security box the ponies came in.  Glad it was him and not me.  Glenn and I get enough of that unwrapping gig when at home.  Not many pictures were taken that day because I was "tard" and completely forgot about the camera.
Had to share some of the blooms that are happening around this place.  I just love them!

An old fashioned lilac

a beautiful columbine

It's one of my favorites and it reminds me of Colorado (where Glenn and I got married).

a Primrose lilac

a Sensation lilac
my favorite of my lilacs

and some very gorgeous violets

I didn't get any yarn time in while on our trip.  The 15 mins. that was done doesn't really count.  Nothing was really accomplished.  Brenna's sweater was finished when we got home and she is pleased to no end with it.  I am loving the color.  I think both girls made wonderful color choices when I decided which yarn to use.
The other thing I have been working on and finished the other day is just a little something to put on the kitchen counter where I put showing things at.  It's my own little creation and very proud of how it turned out.  As far as the colors are concerned, I was inspired by the background of the blog the Farm Chicks.  Wonderful blog.  Check it out.  It won't disappoint.  So now that I am loving this little creation sitting on my counter, I am starting another one to sit in the corner behind my kitchen sink and then I will make a table runner for the dining table.  I even tried a picot edge for the first time and I'm hooked!  Love it!

Well, off to make some rhubarb bread and try to come up with an idea for din-din.  We are so vegging out today here at the loony bin.  It's quite sad really but loving every minute of it after the hustle and bustle of the last two weeks.  I've got to get rested for this weekend.  It's Glenn's long weekend (he's excited about it even after having two weeks off) and there is another all day road trip planned for an area we have never been to.  Can't wait really.  Itching to go!

Hope everyone has a really great day!


  1. KAR, you are having too much fun. Knock it off! You are making me jealous of all the good times you are having. Great projects! Love them.

  2. Love the flowers and your daughters sweater came out great...she looks so cute.

  3. Wonderful pictures Kar...I've been enjoying reading about your trip. I love the sensation lilac...I don't think I have ever seen one before.