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26 October 2008

Recent projects

So here are a few projects that I have finished recently.  They turned out pretty good, if I do say so my self.  If been in a bit of a sock phase lately.  I just love how they feel when it a bit chilly out.  The colors are pretty neat too!  (Sorry the pictures posted backwards)  The pic with the sweater and matching socks were made out of Fiesta Boomerang (Rhubarb).  Love the color!  The second sweater was made out of Ella Rae Amity yarn.  Any yarn that is a superwash yarn is my friend.  I just have to make the matching socks now.  The orangish colored socks are my husbands.  I kind of lost that yarn to him.  Well, what happened is when I came home from the yarn shop with that and a few other balls of sock yarn he mentioned that he loved those colors.  So I called the shop back up, asked if they had anymore (not like I could remember from just being there) and had two more balls held for me.  So I do have that color coming my way.  It's just a matter of time!  The red, blue, and yellow socks are my youngest child's.  And they ones in progress are Em's (my middle child).  They love them just so they can slide on the wood floor!  Cracks me up!  Now the blanket was made for a relative that I have in Germany.  She doesn't know that it is coming so I can't mention names.  I'll let you know when she gets it.  I have to mail it off tomorrow.  So other than that, not much.  Too bad I don't have more time in a day.  I would be so happy.

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  1. i love everything! my kids like the socks for the sliding as well! ha..too funny.
    You are a busy girl!!