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24 October 2008

Fun Friday!

First of all, I had to show what I am able to look at every morning in the fall when I open the curtains and blinds in my room.  I just love the color when the sun first hits this tree early in the morning in the fall!  I makes my day!
Then the girls and I spent a chunk of the day with Julie (Farmer Julie) and her daughter.  What fun!  She is just an awesome person.  You can't help but laugh or smile with her around.  And she loves to knit also, so that just makes her that much more awesome!  She's down to earth like me.  No fufu stuff ya know.  It was so nice seeing the girls play and have fun.  I almost forgot what a lovely smile her daughter has.  She's been going through a lot lately with her diabetes and it was great to see her have fun, smile and laugh.  It just makes your heart warm.  Well, I've got to go find my recipe for blueberry bread and get dinner going.  I can't stand eating late at night.  It's a pet peeve.  I'll let you know how the bread turns out.

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  1. Hi Kar!! Thanks again for letting us hang out toady and feeding us! You are great, and so are your girls. I am glad they got to play together! em left her sweater in my car. I will drop it off!
    Let me know about the bread!! thanks again!
    Julie :)