"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

05 June 2016

Early morning posies...

     While it is still early in the morning,  I love to go outside and just sit in the cool air and enjoy all the sights, sound, smells of the new day.  Gentle little breezes, sweet smells in the air and pretty little melodies by the little songbirds in the trees and wondering around to see all the blooms around the yard.  It's a wonderful start to the day.

     While I will never become an expert at all things flowery, I must give thanks to a couple of people for all the help and advice that has helped me with my love of flowers in the yard.

     First is Julie whom I've known for over a decade, told me from the very beginning of our meeting "Just throw some seeds out there and see what happens.  Don't be afraid!"  Best advice ever, I swear.  Turned my world upside down with all the seeds that I just "throw" out in the yard now.  I have now been dubbed "crazy flower lady" in my neighborhood.  Love that.

     Second would be Teresa, who has given me simple but wonderful advice on how to propagate flowers so I can have even more around the yard.  Buy a few plants at the nursery, take them home, cut a few snippets off, dip in rooting powder and pray they take root.  This is the first year I have attempted this and it it went well.  Oh the possibilities that are in front of me now.

     Thanks to these two wonderful people I can continue on with my "Crazy Flower Lady" image and make it grow.  




  1. Your garden looks so beautiful, your hard work really paid off. Cheers for the flowery advice ladies! :-)

  2. Your plantings look so nice and healthy and beautiful! I love the flower planters hanging on your fence.

  3. hi kar,
    your garden is a dream.I like your kitchen garden. love the little blue bucket on your wooden wall.very nice!!!!
    have a wonderful time in your dreamy garden,
    hugs regina

  4. Brilliant flowers and advice! I did that with some seeds this year in a raised bed we had previously devoted to veg and that I decided to turn into a cutting garden. So far I'm not having tons of luck! But I will keep at it!

  5. I continue to remain fascinated by all the gorgeous beauties that you bloom each year. So relaxing!

  6. I think you are MY favorite Crazy Flower Lady for sure!!!
    My sister in law has given me the same advice... just throw those seeds out there! She is the head gardener for a large retirement home. Has been for years. You should see the magic she can work. I didn't get that spark quite like you two. Mine is more with yarn and animals. Your flowers are divine my dear.