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02 April 2015

Back to sewing...

     Once the little crochet blanket was finished it took no time at all to get the sewing machine back out  for some serious sewing.  3 1/2 months since I last used it is way too long.  Four pairs of pj's were completed in a flash.  They are so awesome to lounge around in at the end of the day while working on the Scrap Granny Square blanket that I started a while back (in 2009, I just looked at Ravelry).  Beyond sad.  But it has been wonderful sitting in those wonderful pj pants, working on the scrappy piece of yarn work and going through a marathon binge watching of Foyle's War before the new season starts here.  Wonderful evening work.

     Over the weekend a major project was started.  Major surgery on two quilts for a BIL.  So a trip to the fabric store was made to get all the essentials.  I'm glad to have an assistant that knows what she is doing to help me on this.  The simpler one to fix is nearly done and then it is on to the major operation.  I'm just enjoying looking at all the old fabrics that were used one these quilts.  Just gorgeous.  Too bad they aren't available anymore.  I would go on a major spending spree for sure.  Then again it might be a good thing they aren't accessible.  I'll have to make sure to share pics of some of my favorites.  This is definitely one of those labor of love projects for sure.

     To be continued...  





  1. Hi Kar, you are busy! Love the colorful stripes blanket and the scrap afghan you are working on. I need to put one of those on my to do list. :-) I hope you'll be able to mend the quilts, it looks like a lot of work. I'll look forward to watching your progress (or the end results). Both look like they were lovingly made. Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter. Heather

  2. You definitely are a dear SIL to repair the blanket. Must be a mighty special blanket. There's one I love snuggling under at my mom's house that needs repairing too. I just try to be careful not to tear it further. Maybe one day I'll tackle it. Good thing you have a super assistant. :-)