"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

19 April 2015

A wonderful week...

     I couldn't have asked for a better week that just passed.  Wonderful weather, things being accomplished, and everything being quite peaceful.  

     I got into a rhythm with the quilt repair.  Rows 5 and 6 are nearly complete.  I'm trying my best not to change too much with the quilt as much as possible.  When I bought replacement fabrics I tried to stay within the same color family as the old pieces.  Then when I get to the point of sewing it all back together I place each block back where I found it, no matter how close in color the next block may be.

     My littlest turned 11.  So many mixed emotions on this one.  No different than the other two growing up but still a bit emotional for me.  We just spent the whole day doing what she wanted.  Chinese food for dinner ( a new tradition she says because it is what was for the dinner the night before she was born).  Chocolate Victoria Sponge cake for dessert (I have to find a better recipe for the cream in the middle though).  She was in heaven.  Just like it should be. Love my little freckle face to pieces.

     I was admiring my collection of heart rocks that my family finds for me whenever we are out on one of our excursions.  I may have to find a new spot for them all.  I'm running out of room on the shelf in my craft room.  But that is a good thing when it comes to something like this.




  1. Sounds like quite the amazing week. And Miss B amazes me with her new tradition. I wonder what my mom had the night before I was born? lol

  2. Happy birthday to your smaller daughter, it does sound like she/you had a wonderful day. Just wondering if you received the email I sent to your hotmail account? Have a wonderful day.

    Anne xx

  3. I love your collection of heart shaped rocks! Happy Birthday to your daughter. Chinese for dinner sounds delicious and her cake looks good too!