"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 August 2014


     I stepped outside the other morning to enjoy the cool morning air and happened to see something different laying about in the grass. Yellow colored leaves already falling from the trees.  The feeling of relief came over me while looking at the leaves.  A signal that this Summer is nearly over.  Finally!  That is all I kind think of in that moment.

     It has been a beast of a Summer here.  And I'm ready for it to move on so that slower times can take it's place.  Time for cozying up with blankets.  Time for cooler, less suffocating weather.  Time for hibernating.  And more time for creating.  It is time to wave goodbye to Summer and welcome another season in hopes that it will be better than the last.  One can hope.  




  1. Love your photos Kar!! I am so ready for the cooler temps to come, tho we have had a beautifully cool summer but the past few days have made up for it and it seems like now the cooler temps are settling in to stay for a bit. I love that sweater. I have pulled out my knitting again, I just hope my shoulder holds up for it :)

  2. Glad to hear autumn is near for you. Here the heat is at its peak, fiercer than ever during this summer. Dry hot winds from the Sahara coming our way, heating the sea waters and preparing them for the autumn heavy rainfalls.
    Your garden is so beautiful! And the jacket too. Small pieces look very cute when they're knit with lots of cables and motifs.

  3. Your sweater turned out beautifully, what a wonderful gift. We've had a hot week this week, but like you am looking forward to cooler days. Your floral pictures are very pretty and the cookies look delic! Heather

  4. The sweater is darling, I absolutely love it! It's hot and dry here and I don't expect any relief for a months. Oh did I mention those cookies looks delicious... I'm hungry and salivating now. Thanks :).. Happy to hear life is good in your hood and Fall is heading in, your pics are beautiful!

  5. I know you're doing your happy dance! The sweater is gorgeous. Look at those cables!!! Love the beautiful flowers, the veggies, and you know I'm already reaching in the jar for one of the cookies. Nom nom nom. :-)

    Happy Labor Day!