"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

08 August 2014

Back in a rhythm...

     Things seem to be getting into a more pleasant rhythm around here.  I'm hoping and still crossing fingers, just in case.  At least the last few days have been tolerable, less stressful.  I was finally able to pick up the knitting if only for a few short minutes last night after a few days break from it.  It was one of those days where no matter what I was doing the pattern didn't look right, tension was off, I forgot to change needles, etc.  So after 4 attempts and 4 bouts of pulling every last single stitch out, I walked away from this project.  One would think that maybe after 2 attempts I would have stopped.  But no, my stubborn streak got the best of me because I was determined to conquer this and not be defeated.  Finally common sense kicked in luckily and I shoved everything over to the side and left everything where it lay, before any injuries occurred.  That in itself was hard to do and leave everything a mess.  Another story for another day.

    I started back on the project again last night but the gorgeous sunset pulled me away from the pleasantries of knitting and before I knew it enough time had passes to where it was time for bed.  If that stubborn streak would have been around still I would have probably tried knitting in the dark.  Thank goodness that didn't happen.
     There is a lull in all the household duties at the moment due to getting up before the sun and being very efficient with all the house stuff that needed to be done today.  Heck, I even seasoned all my cast iron pieces today since the temps have been so wonderful today.  So far.  So I will find myself a pleasant place to be and continue on with this whole cabley project with high hopes of getting it finished soon.  Very soon.




  1. Your knitting project looks very complex with all the cabling. Are you making a sweater? I'm glad to hear things are starting to settle down for you. Wishing you a peaceful weekend ahead. Heather

  2. I'm glad you are feeling on a more even keel. Long may it last>
    Anne xx

  3. Oh yes I could totally see how that gorgeous sunset pulled you away. I've had days where I've needed to pull out my stitches just to restart. Oh well, love the process as much as the finished project. What are you making?

  4. I'm the same, I'll put knitting down and walk away from it if I'm having trouble with it, I do the same with my sewing. Your sunset is gorgeous!

  5. Your knitting project is off to a beautiful start. You are so talented.

    I had a super stressful day today. One of my dogs knocked over a can of paint in the garage and proceeded to track it all over. I almost fainted! Yeah, I'm kinda dramatic! LOL Luckily it came up easily and wasn't such a huge disaster after all. Taught me a lesson though, never have the dogs keeping me company while painting in the garage. DUH!