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22 February 2014

The Fort Firefly quilt...

It's funny how things just kind of happen, just kind of work out when starting on a new project.

In the beginning, this little quilt of ours was not suppose to be ours when finished.  My nephew had requested a new quilt being that his "baby" one was just too short for a big boy.  He was not happy about his feet getting cold from sticking out from underneath his quilt whenever he tried to snuggle with it.  

So I went looking online for the perfect big boy fabric.  I went straight to a certain collection that I had seen in the Fall.  I fell in love with it in the beginning but just put off buying a big bundle of it.  The link was sent to my brother so our little customer could approve the choice picked for him.

  My choice did not make his approval.  

We were all shocked.  We just couldn't understand how this little guy didn't like all the little critters among all these gorgeous boyish colored fabrics.  But he had very specific ideas for his quilt and I had this fabric bundle ordered and on the way.  Yes, I jumped the gun and bought the bundle being there wasn't very many left.  There lies another story about this particular fabric bundle and waiting so long to acquire it.  Another time.

  So what is one to do in a predicament?  

Make a quilt for around here.  Because why wouldn't we need another quilt amongst all the others we have.  It doesn't hurt to be over prepared for the Ice Age.  Whenever it may happen.

So even before the fabric arrived I went looking for the perfect pattern for the quilt.  I found one, adjusted it to my liking and started cutting as soon as the fabric arrived.  I worked on it here and there, all the while the people of the house would stop and see how things were moving along.  The front was finished.  There were decisions to be made about the back.  Suggestions were given.  The plan was finalized, put into action and the quilt was finished.  I even stayed up late on finishing night so it could be washed, dried and let everyone take a test snuggle with it.

It's now our favorite in the house.

I even got help from one of my quilt holders to take pictures.

It has now become somewhat of a "I-spy" quilt around here.  
Everyone finding their favorite little scene with the critters.  
The girls even make cutesy voices when they find something they like.

There are fire side chats.
Everyone tries to imagine what those chats are about.
Let's just say that there are some wild imaginations around here.

There are critters playing patty-cake.  
At least that is what I think.  
Someone else of my crew seems to think other wise.  His thought is that the chipmunk is freaking out about his lost nut stash and the raccoon is calming him down.  That is the girls favorite so that is what they are going with also.

There are marshmallows being roasted.
So stinking cute.

And parties to be had with the critters.

Not sure about the martini glass.  
The girls say it's just a fancy glass to have punch in.
I'll go with that.
Dad isn't that easily swayed.

There's even chips and dip, party hats and all kinds of sweets to be had.

Possums sleeping in hammocks, mice hanging up lights, 

and fishes in the streams.

It's the cutest ever.

What isn't so cute is the debating over who gets to use it.  I think Dad has now taken it to be his being that everyone else has their own special quilt and he doesn't.  

The tag now says it's his.

Maybe the girls can bat their eyes at him in order to get their own snuggle time with the quilt.

I'm not sure that will work though.  




  1. It turned out terrific. All the critters and their antics make it very endearing. Congratulations on your finished project. I think the ice age has been here this winter and will be here again in OH in a couple of days. Take care, Heather

  2. Your nephew missed out, BUT, Glenn got a major score! Yep, I think it should be his as well. But as all parents know by now, anything that's there's hardly ever is. The best bed is always your parents' bed...and so I'm pretty sure this quilt will get snuggled in by some giggly girls from time to time. Fantastic work, Kar! Now, when will you find the perfect fabric for the other quilt? :-)

  3. It's a beautiful quilt.
    Anne xx

  4. The cutest ever indeed. I love the critters fabric and the back side design. The whole autumn theme is appealing to me! So snuggly.
    I would have adopted this quilt without any problems if nobody around there would have done it before me. Oh well... next time. ;-)

  5. Kar its beautiful! And how fun, love all the sweet and fun scenes. I can totally see you all snuggling by the fire with it. I agree with you and don't think you can have to many quilts in a home :)

  6. Oh! I had my eye on that line of fabric and never bought any. I love seeing your quilt and knowing how much your family is enjoying it. That is why we make quilts afterall.

  7. I can see why it is your favorite. I really, really need to learn how to make a quilt!

  8. What a fun and special quilt!
    I can hear the girls cutesy voices when they discover something:)
    As usual, another masterpiece, Kar!

  9. Oh I LOVE it Kar, I love the fabric, I love the pattern, I love the colors, and the finished product. Just love it. You should make a post on how to get started quilting, or an easy tutorial or something, you're so good at it :)