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10 February 2014

Sewing retreat...

It was a perfect weekend to stay in and get our own in-house sewing retreat going.  We had snow Friday and Saturday.  Nearly 3" each day here at our place.  It was so pretty to look at.  No one complained about it because we know it is something we need up in the mountains.  And really what can you do about it.  While others look at it as a pain in the neck, I look at it as a positive event that benefits us in a couple of ways.  First and most important, much needed moisture that will go into the reservoirs for the growing season ahead in this area.  And second it makes us slow down and just enjoy time at home with each other.  Two very important benefits of the all that pretty white powdery stuff coming down.

  There was a quick trip to the fabric store when the snow slacked off to pick up a few necessary items for our private sewing retreat.  Then back home to hunker down in the craft room.  We had to figure out how arrange everything so that the three of us could be in the room sewing at the same time.  Yeah, the three of us.  Miss B finally got the "itch" to want to learn to sew and I made sure accommodations where made to get her going.  I was quite excited right along with her.  The basics were taught and repeated over and over.  There were several large pieces of scraps that were used to practice many straight lines.  1/4" seams were practiced and done very well for a first timer.  Now she wants to move on to the big stuff and start putting pieces together to make her very own quilt.  I'm thinking that will happen sometime this week.  So exciting!  Comments were made about how funny it was to walk by the craft room and see all three of us girls working away at our machines, humming along.

The front of my quilt is finished.  I'm loving the "pattern" I found and tweaked so that I didn't have to cut that adorable fabric to teeny pieces.  Fort Firefly has to be my most favorite fabric line to date.  I just have to figure out how I want to piece together the back now.  Hopefully something will come to me and I can get working on that quickly.  

Miss E is also working on a new quilt for one of the small cousins because he doesn't like how his other quilt is just too small for a big boy.  For a 3 1/2" yr. old, he knows what he wants.  Gotta love it.  Especially when the new blanket has to be handmade by Miss E.  All the fabrics were picked out by him and my brother.  Quite interesting choices, ones that are special to him.  That makes it even more awesome.

Now we will have to be patient to see what this week brings us as far as weather.  Fog this morning, warmer temps here in the valley, rain off and on here and more snow in the mountains.  Bring it on because I'm okay with it.




  1. Sounds like a fun and perfect weekend. That is neat that your youngest has the desire to learn to sew as well. I see some more ribbons in the future. We have snow here as well, but we've had enough this winter and I'm ready for the warmer weather and change in seasons. :-) Take care, Heather

  2. How lovely!! I think it's absolutely wonderful that the three of you are sewing together. You are making so many great memories right now. Your retreat sounds like it was a huge success. We had a little rain over the weekend and we feel the same way down here. We need this so badly that it's difficult to complain about it. Take care!

  3. Those photos of your little girl learning to sew are GORGEOUS, the concentration on her face! :) Loving your comments about how the snow is of benefit. All too often we only think of the now and how we are affected or inconvenienced. Enjoy your sewing.
    Anne xx

  4. I can only imagine the beautiful sight of the three of you sewing away. Yep, Glenn should photograph that just for me. heeheehee Tell, Miss B that I'm so proud of her and excited too! This is so special to learn these handcrafts from your Mom!

    Can't wait to see what the three of you cook up. :-)

  5. Sounds wonderful! Wow did you bust out that quilt top fast. Great pics and your weather sounds pretty great too, at least for a little while.

  6. How fun to have your own retreat and I agree 100% on your two reasons to enjoy snow. I've not ordered fabric on-line only once, I'm going to check out the link you have. Maybe I'll give it a try. I know others who do and have great luck with it, I'm not sure if I'm chicken or what :)