"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

28 March 2013


We had been cooped up way to long this past winter.  The first beautiful day in ages it seems found us scrambling in the morning to get things together and head out to a great place to hike.  We move fast when anyone mentions hiking on a great day.

There were little creeks to follow and enjoy the sounds of.

Following a perfect trail meandering through the hills while listening to the birds that were celebrating the beautiful day also.

Noticing little bursts of color from the wildflowers starting to show themselves.  I was told I needed to get closer to this flower to get a better shot.  Um, no.  No way I was any closer when this little bloom was right on the edge of the trail, with a drop off right after it.  I was good right where I was, zooming in as best I could.

Taking the time to examine a boulder completely covered in so many different kinds of lichen.  Very cool!

A quick drive up to the top of the hill to check to see how much snow is left in the high mountains.  Gorgeous!!!

 And a drive by an old barn that certainly has seen better days.  It's so different than others I have seen.  The back side is built into the side of the hill.  So awesome.

A very wonderful day indeed.


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  1. What a beautiful view! Just looks so peaceful and relaxing. :-)