"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

27 March 2013


There was absolutely no excuse to stay in today.  Even though Spring started last week, it just didn't feel like the seasons were ready to change.  Winter just had to give us one more chill before making way for Spring just to show us who was boss.

Watching the forecast ever so closely, calls were made to friends to see if they wanted to venture out also.  We were so glad to hear that they wanted to join along our little outing.  Because you know that throwing rocks into the river is a millions times better when your friend is right next to you joining in on the fun.  And they are so handy when the biggest rock ever is found and the two of you desperately need each other to help haul it over to the waters edge.  Makes it all the more awesome.

Walking over logs to get to the best rock bar ever, collecting the greatest rock ever to add to your rock quarry in the back yard, listening to all the birds finding their way back to the river and just having a wonderful afternoon with special friends made it a grand afternoon at the end of the day.  

Any excuse that would have been made in order to stay home would have been a sad one indeed knowing what a great time we had with friends.



  1. Days outside after a long winter are always so good for the soul. Add friends to the mix and it's pure bliss!

  2. LOVE the new blog AND the pictures! We had such a fun time with you. We feel privileged to be in your first post of your new blog!

  3. Wow, that sure was a big one that they threw in. I used to love doing that.

  4. I've never done this, but it looks fun and relaxing...especially with friends. Even though it's officially Spring, a lot of time it seems like it doesn't start until we let out for Spring Break, which starts Friday. There is much to do before that day but my body/mind won't let me. Hopefully I get to do something kind of relaxing like this over the break. xoxo