"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

11 February 2012

Getting something done...

Most of the morning has been spent going from one room to another looking to see what needs to be done around here.  I have to be quite honest when saying that I haven't done a whole lot the past couple of days.  For a few days the sun has shone brightly in the sky and the girls and I have tried to make the most of it by getting outside as much as possible to enjoy it and the 'heat wave' we have been having.  If one can call 50 degrees a heat wave.  For this time of year it's warm for us.  Little B has been complaining that she thinks that I'm trying to do her harm by making her go on long walks each day after school work.  Some how she thinks a couple of miles of walking will bring her harm.  I keep reminding her that she is still with us and all is fine.

But today is another story all together.  The weather can't decide what it would like to do for the entire day.  The clouds move in, they move out.  A bit of rain spits here and there.  Then it stops.  Not the kind of day we were all hoping for.  So much for the sunshine all weekend long.  So I have decided that I am going to get myself moving, straighten a few things up, clean a couple of things and then it will be right back in front of the granny squares.  It's the least I can do.  I think.  I don't want this whole stay at home mom thing to look to easy.  Everyone would want to do it.

Then somewhere around the time for dinner I will make some fish tacos that are a hit around here.  In honor of the glorious sunshine that we had the past few days of course.  Maybe this dinner will convince the sun to come back and visit some more.  One can hope.  Rain is good.  But sometimes days like today can be hard on someone that thrives on sunshine that streams through the windows.

I better go before I talk myself out of getting something done around here.  It's very easy to do.



  1. That is totally funny about Little B...We have been having some warmer weather here and now we have a cold snap hit us. It's not too bad, the wood stove is fired up and it's just fine. The squares are looking great.

  2. Fish tacos sound deelish. And walking is such a lovely thing to do. It is funny that kids don't think of it that way :) And it's Saturday, so you REALLY can get away with not doing anything productive!! xoxo Debbie

  3. No matter the fickle weather, you are destined to keep busy. Glenn's blanket is coming along nicely. And now, I want fish tacos too....

  4. Fish tacos sounds very good :-) Love your colorful crochet blanket very much!

  5. I just love your granny squares. One of these days I'm going to make some for myself. My mom made a beautiful granny square afghan using black instead of white. Now that's she's gone it means so much to me and my sisters. Obviously, I have a soft spot for granny squares. :)