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13 February 2012


Pictures were finally taken of the quilts that I made the girls for Christmas.  I know.  Nearly two months after!  I do have my moments were I'm just not on the ball with things.  Yesterday things just kind of all fell into place for the photo shoot.  

Kind of like this;  I was walking through the house in the afternoon and noticed all the sunshine pouring in through the windows.  A thought ran through my mind about how awesome that was and Glenn being home and being the quilt holder.  But it was very breezy, chilly out.  And I was not about to go and stand outside myself.  So within a 2 minute span I had people running up and down stairs, ripping quilts of beds, placing a chair in just the right spot for Glenn and started snapping pics.  Poor Connor was over and didn't even have a clue about what the heck was going on.  I'm surprised he didn't get run over.

This is how it all turned out.  Forgive the bright bit of sunshine glaring on the quilts.  You get what you get when I start ordering people around here.

Each quilt was made using the Disappearing 9 Patch tutorial over at Quilt Story.  Love this pattern!  Very scrappy with minimal piecing.  Love that.

This one is Little B's made with the "It's a Hoot" from Moda.
Gotta love Glenn's little helper there in the corner.  :)

The second is Em's made with the "Just Wing It" from Moda.

Both quilts were made bigger than needed for now with the intention that they can be used for a full or queen size bed later.

 Hand stitching was done in all of the big blocks in a petal sort of pattern that I quickly drew up and cut a 'stencil' out of poster board.

I still keep going back and forth about doing more hand stitching on both quilts.  In between the blocks and around the edges.  After taking another look this weekend, I'm leaning towards the more idea.

And solid colored sheets were used for the backing.  And scrappy strip pieced binding was put all around the edges.

(I linked the quilts to Quilt Story)

I finally got to the 1/3 mark with Glenn's blanket.  It seems that it's taking forever to get it done.  It's to the point now that it has to lay on the floor as I work on it to make sure that I don't make identical squares for it.  So with it not being such a great thing to work on at the desk while the girls are doing school work I have to find something else that can be worked on while school is being accomplished.

That is were this pile of fleece and flannel come in.  It has sat around for a month at least just waiting for me to make them into pj/lounging pants.  Hopefully I can get them done quickly.



  1. You are just too industrious, Kar. I read about all the things you do and it makes me feel like such a slacker. The quilts are just gorgeous!

  2. Those turned out great Kar! I just love Moda fabrics.

  3. GORGEOUS! Both of them. And little helper too. And you do handstitch them (the quilts). I wish you could teach me. I take my hat off, you artist. :-)

  4. Hi Kar! The quilts are awesome and I love the stitched petals! Your girls will cherish these quilts forever! xoxo Debbie

  5. Both quilts are exceptional! Bright, cheery and fun! The best words for quilts in my book. :)

  6. Kar, those quilts are the best! So cheerful and colorful and warm. I love them!

  7. It is soooooo nice, beautiful. What nice colors you used. Great!

  8. Kar, you are amazing! The quilts are beautiful.

  9. Wowza are you guys cranking them out! They are both beautiful and i know to be cherished for a very long time. I love the hand stiching, wonderful!

  10. these are lovely...such nice colors and your big stitch adds alot!!

  11. The hand-stitching is so pretty. You have such a good eye for fabric and yarn colors.

  12. Wow, those quilts are stunning. The fabrics are so lovely and colourful, and beautiful hand quilting. Love them :)

  13. Wow, great quilts for your children! I just came over from Quilt Story but never noticed the disappearing 9 patch tutorial! I'm going to figure that out right now because that's one of my avourite locks :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. The quilt is aweaome,the fabrics very nice and fantastic handquilting.You did great job!