"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

04 October 2011

Still here...

Ever had a time when you went through a bit of bloggers block?  That is what happened here within the last week or so.  You know, do I share this or that.  Is this interesting or not.  And by the time you have debated the situation thoroughly it's late and you just go to bed.  Something like that.

I have to say that today is a wonderful day though.  A day that I have waited a while for.  Cool, damp, breezy.  Fall has finally decided to show it's face around these parts.  It's about time in my opinion.  I mean really, get on with it already.

  The oven has been going all day.  Roasting squashes, baking a little of this, a little of that.  Chomping at the bit at standing over a good pot of soup tomorrow when it's suppose to rain all day and only get into the 50's.  I'll be comfy, cozy here dabbling around in the kitchen while it's suppose to be snowing in the mountains.

I have been waiting for this season.  
Bring it on Fall.  
I'm ready for you!


  1. I sure understand about the bloggers block. I'm going through a bit of that at the moment. :)
    I'm sure the smells coming from your kitchen were divine with all that baking. Enjoy the weather.
    Anne xx

  2. I am making soup and bread for supper and just pulled a batch of cupcakes out of the oven.
    I am so glad you are having a cozy autumn day.
    And I think all your other readers can agree, we are always interested in what you have to say,Kar!
    Have a great day, Friend!

  3. I love the new look of your blog. You are so ready for Fall. And yes, I do understand blogger's block and also sometimes I do have things to write about, but I don't take pictures or get it posted in a timely manner that it doesn't seem as relevant anymore so I delete it. lol

    Happy Fall!

  4. Whoohoo Fall is here and I am SO with you!Fall is my favorite season and i have been in the kitchen cooking up some cool weather dishes.
    Blog block, doesn't everyone have that sometimes? I think so. Enjoy your week buddy and this fantastic weather!

  5. Yeah! I love Fall. Love it! And that header is precious. That is the funniest looking squash. Or is it a gourd? Soup sounds good.