"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

12 September 2011

Weekend happiness...

I woke up with a bit of a pep in my step yesterday.  Strange really because the last few days before I really had no ambition at all for anything.  So I kept positive and kept saying it's going to be a fabulous day.  The other members of the house did not share my enthusiasm especially since I was up, opening windows, and zooming around with my peppiness at 6:30am.  I finally made the decision around 8am that I was going to the store so that the rest of the day could be spent doing whatever I wanted.  No one else moved.  Then 8:15ish I heard the sound coming through the windows that I knew would get the peeps out of bed in a flash.  

Hot air balloons!!!
I nearly got knocked down as the peeps were stampeding for the door.  Better yet, this one was landing in our neighborhood!  I have never seen people move so fast to get dressed in all my life, except for when I was in basic training.  I was mighty impressed.  There may be hope for these people after all.
 So around the corner from the house it landed in an empty lot.  Pretty awesome.  We haven't had one this close to the house in years.  They sat for a few minutes so all the neighborhood peeps could get a look at the basket, etc.
 Then it was decided that due to the number of goat head weeds on the lot that it was not the best place to deflate and fold the balloon up.
 So off they went to find a better spot to land.  After talking to the chase crew we found out that the owners of this balloon also own our other favorite balloon, the BSU balloon.  Awesome!
 After everyone was wrangled back into the car, I made an executive decision that we were going to the store right then and there.  Being I was the one driving, no one was changing my mind.  Almost like the balloon was sent to us on purpose.  :)  That is what I'm going with.

Once home the ever popular water the garden plants was tackled.  Not like there is alot.  I wouldn't even call it a garden.  This year sucked in the vegetable producing area.  But at least I got some teeny tiny carrots to nibble on.  With a bit more to come.

 Glenn picked some of his jalapenos and made homemade stuffed peppers.  I have to admit that they were pretty good even if I'm not a huge pepper fan.  How can you go wrong with cheese, bacon, etc.  He now has plans to pick up bags of them at the store next time.  :}
 After all the picking and snacking was finished I finally completed a hat for little man and started another for the other little people of the family.  I'm not going to recommend the pattern because it was poorly written and worst off I wasted $3.99 on it.  I ended up having to improvise through out the whole pattern.  How do you have 9 stitches then the next row you are suppose to double your stitches and end up with 20 stitches?  Little things like that eventually had me winging it.  Drives me insane!
 But at least Little Man looked fabulous in it when he came over in the afternoon.
 After all that modeling and then eating, etc. he was tuckered out and had to take a nap.  He is just the cutest when he sleeps. 
So now it is back to working on the other hats that must be completed.  Good things there are left overs galore for dinner today.  Funny how that works out, huh!


  1. Oh, wow, Kar. I've never seen a real hot air balloon before. That would have been such a treat. What a way to get out of bed. The owl hat does look cute, despite the fixing of errors. I just *temporarily* gave up on a pattern because I can't seem to get past row 5. Something about the directions is a bit too weird. Anyhoo, glad you get maneuver around the pattern and make this fabulous hat. C looks so adorable!

  2. That does sound like a happy weekend. Patterns are the reason I haven't knitted in over a year! I spent a lot of money on some good yarn and followed a patter for a hat and it turned out HUGE! I don't think patterns should be written in code!

    P.S. I did not know you were in the military!

  3. Sorry the pattern was a bummer but the hat sure looks cute! I love watching hot air balloons and last week we had our own balloon races...such a fun way to end summer.

  4. Sweet little carrots and such a sweet little baby. Love that hat!