"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

07 September 2011


Wow, two weeks since the last post.  I just don't know where the time went.  There's been alot going on around these parts to say the least.

*Getting things in order to start lessons with the girls.

*Many talks about our yearly Fall hikes and where we should go this year.

*Plans for trips to the orchard for yummy apples.

*Watching little ones crane their necks out the car window just to see how the pumpkin patches are coming along.

*Waiting for the perfect night to camp out in the back yard.

*Star watching and spotting the Milky Way while laying in the front yard.

*Little people waking up extra early the day after the fair closed so their treasured ribbons and items could be picked up and brought home.  One person took all her blankets off her bed just so she could sleep with her most loved blanket.
 *Waking up very early one morning to head to the park downtown with Little Man so we could get
our yearly fix of the balloons. 

 *Enjoying a night at home with family and friends while watching our favorite football team win their first game of the season.  Then needing a sore throat drop afterwards because there was a little too much yelling going on during the game.  :)

Alot going on while anticipating the first signs of Fall to come our way.  I've even broke down and made fresh, yummy cinnamon rolls several times already because I just couldn't wait anymore to have that smell filling the entire house early in the morning.  The anticipation of the new season to come leaves a smile on my face every morning while I go through the house and open up all the windows so that the cool breezes can find their way into the house.  

Now if I could get a handle on that every growing "To Create" list there would be a bigger smile on my face.  Will that ever really happen?  


  1. You guys have been so busy, but with lots and lots of good things! Here's wishing for a fabulous fall season. :-)

  2. I wish we could see hot air balloons in our area. The blanket is darling and so it your little guy, he's soooo cute. I hope you and the girls have a good school year.

  3. Gorgeous pics of the hot air balloons!
    Your blanket is beautiful as is your little man, what a little munchkin.

    B xxx

  4. What a fabulous list of events. :o) That is precious about your sweet little one's blanket!
    Today is day three of windows being opened and would love to make a batch of cinnamon rolls!! :o)
    Have a super day!
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. I know Kar, I am SO looking forward to fal too. You get more projects finished than any one else I know, I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot this winter, all cooped up :)

  6. Ok -- I'm coming to your house for some cinnamon rolls. Set a place for me!

  7. Love how your blankie matches the hot air balloons! And that little face...I'll bet you cover him with kisses!!!