"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

06 July 2015

Hot Summer days...

     Summer is flying by.  Faster than I could imagine.  It seems like just a few days ago we were still in the month of May just waiting for June to get here so Summer could start.  We were loving the days were the windows were open all day and all night.  Breezes passing through the house.  Perfect weather for everyone to enjoy and hoping that it would not end.

     Lists  were made of unending things to do in the next coming months.  I made a rule for this Summer that electronics (TV, computers, movies, video games, etc.) were only allowed for one hour a day (if I said it was okay) so that those lists of unending things to do would be accomplished.  So far there hasn't been a great rebellion over that rule and no one seems to be missing all those time sucking gadgets.  Someone has even completed their library reading goal early of 50 books during June and July.  I'm wondering if I can push my luck with this new rule and see how long we can keep it in place.

     I put a lot on my list of things to do also.  I was plugging away at things quite happily with outdoor activities (garden, yard, flowers, etc.) loving the beautiful weather we were having.  And then I went and rolled my ankle.  That was not on my list.  I wasn't having anything like this get in my way so I was back outside the next day trying to get things done with my trusty little helpers lugging things around the yard for me.  Things did not get done exactly how I originally wanted but I have learned to take a deep breath and go with the flow.  To tell the truth things turned out better than I thought they would even with my mishap.

     Then the beautiful weather came to a screeching halt and the awful heat settled in way to early and took hold. One day was great and fabulous.  The next was dreadful and suffocating.  We turned into nocturnal creatures immediately.  No one wanted to venture outside until after 9:30 at night.  But that has meant we have enjoyed some pretty spectacular sky views at the end of each day.  That we will not tire of.  But of course we are ready to be done with the heat.

The Chameleon cloud.

     There was one morning with a 4:30am wake up call just so we could get up in the hills and catch a beautiful sunrise.  All the colors, all the sounds of the day beginning.  So worth being tired for afterwards.

    There has even been time spent out at one of the local reservoirs to enjoy the cool morning and the freezing cold snow melt water.  50 degrees will wake you up and cool you off in no time.

    There were quite a few cool mornings that greeted us with our lovely balloons.  That we will never tire of.

     And with things being so hot and dry so early in the Summer we have been very lucky with only one big fire so far.  Crossing fingers that the luck will carry on.

     And during all of that a steady pace was kept with the work on the quilt.  More of that later.




  1. Hi Kar, sounds like you are enjoying a great summer. Our month of June was filled with rain, but our grass has never looked better. :-) I limit tv, kindle and computer games also. Won't be long and we'll be starting school and looking toward fall. But I'll think about that later. Have a terrific day. Heather

  2. Love the photos of the sky you take, it looks so beautiful at sunrise and sunset, doesn't it? That chameleon cloud made me smile. Here as always summer is suffocating and I rarely venture outside. I prefer looking at your pretty view pictures for the time being. :-)