"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

25 February 2015

Moving along...

     Things are starting to get back to normal around here.  There have been a few times where emotions will get the best of me when I look at pictures of my FIL and I turn into a mess.  I still have moments like that over my Dad all these years later.  It's just something to be expected with me, always.  But at least we have our most loved guy back home with us.  It was a rough 2wks without him but a sacrifice that had to be made because of the situation.  There are so many pictures that were brought home for safe keeping.  Precious treasures and momentos from my FIL that we are grateful to have.  Special little things that were thought to be treasures for us.  It's just wonderful to have these things to remind us of Dad always.

     Otherwise things are moving along as usual.  The weather is beautiful for the end of February.  One can't complain about upper 40's & 50's, and bright sunshine.  At least we don't have -20 like family in the Midwest is dealing with.   I'm also starting to think about what seeds to buy for the garden.  Never to early to start on with that.  So many new veggies to try.  It gets to be a tad bit overwhelming.  I need acreage for all I would like to grow.

     Things are flying off the hook like crazy around here.  Blankets for family and friends.  Hats for little people dealing with the -20 temps.  And a "sleeping bag" for my new IPad.  Apparently the case my dearest found for me isn't enough and it needs more protection.  One can't be too careful with new gadgets.

     Now that things getting back to normal, cookies must be made for someone's lunch tomorrow.  I'm thinking that a Cinnamon Apple Pound Cake might be good also on this blustery Winter day.  Just something one must do for their special people.  It's rough, especially for the waistline, but oh so tasty.




  1. Such colorful beautiful things you have made :) I'm still missing my dad and think of him everyday. I would love to join you for a slice of that cinnamon apple pound cake :)))) Try and stay warm.

  2. You have been super busy. Look at all the wonderful yarn goodies you have made! You're going to make a lot of people all smiles. :-) Glad Glenn is back safe and sound, with precious mementoes too. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.


  3. I'm glad things are settling a little for you Kar. Such difficult times to go through. You have lovely cosy yarny photos this post which reminds me that crafting is such a wonderful past time, something to ease the mind when it's trouble. I hope each day gets a little easier.
    Anne xx