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30 December 2013

A little crochet rag rug...

With things winding down from Christmas I started getting a little fidgeting over what to do next.  All it took was a quick look on the ever growing project list and I was digging into all the fabric scrap bins looking for scraps long enough to work with for the makings of a rag rug.  This dear little rug came about only because one of my other rag rugs, bought at a store many years ago, has turned into tattered bits and pieces.  There was just no more use we could have even squeaked out of the poor thing.  So there was a bit of a trade of the rugs done and now the laundry room has a 'new', hardly ever used rug from the back door going in for its new job and a colorful, pretty new rug sits in its new spot by the back door.  It was a nice trade.  I could have never put this one so full of color in the laundry room for shoes to be scuffed all over it.  By the back door is a perfect spot for it so I can see it every time I walk into that part of the house.  And yet it doesn't seem like I hardly touched any of the scrap fabric that sits on the shelves of the craft room.  Maybe another will be made sometime in the near future?  Maybe.  And I will be on the look out for clearance priced fabric.

A few quick tips for working up your own scrap rag rug:

  • Work with scraps that you have about or go looking for really cheap clearance fabric that you won't mind cutting up.
  • I cut my fabric into strips about 1/2" to 3/4" wide.  You do not want the strips any wider than this or you will have a bit of a struggle pulling your stitches through your work.  You can also make little snips on the edge of the fabric and then rip the fabric but I found that if you haven't made sure that your piece of fabric is squared off before hand you may not end up with a strip that is the same width at both ends.  Folding up the fabric and just cutting the fabric with scissors or a rotary cutter is just as easy and fast.  
  • I crocheted mine using a single crochet stitch through out the entire rug and used a size N hook.
  • Start off with a foundation chain that is about 10 chains short of what you really need.  Once you start crocheting the rows the foundation chain stretches a bit and you will end up with the size you need.  Work one full row and then place it where you will be using the rug and see if any adjustments need to be made on adding or taking away any chains.  Better to check now then after many more rows.
  • I used a no sew method of connecting the strips together at each end.  
  • Cut about a 1/2" slit into each end of your strips.  You can do this as you go.  No need to do this all at once.
  • Take two strips and pull one of them through the cut you made on the other strip. 

  • Take the other end of the 2nd strip and pull it through the cut on the opposite end of the 2nd strip.

  • Take the free end of the 2nd strip and pull it completely through the cut until everything is just snug.  Don't pull too hard because you could tear right through the cut on the strip if you aren't careful.

Weave in the ends with a wide eye yarn hook once you get the rug to the size you want and you are done.

Have fun making one of your own.  Just a warning, these rugs are addicting and I am not responsible for what happens if you start one.  Things could get out of hand.  I couldn't stop once I started and had mine finished in two days.  Good thing everyone can fend for themselves around here.  Things would have gotten ugly.  Just saying.

Now I'm off to see what else can be worked on.




  1. Great idea Kar; I really like the colorful look. Happy New Year. :-)

  2. Great tutorial! I've often said I'd make a rag rug, but truth be told, it's one of those projects you do when the mood hits. And the mood has hit you. This rug looks fantastic. :-)

  3. Very pretty Kar, I'm going to try the no-sew method on my weaving. Hope you have a Happy New Year.

  4. Awesome...Simply awesome... You are so darn creative, talented and I super love this rug! I'm gonna give it a whirl with your wonderful instructions as soon as I can sit a bit. Got your email, hoping you guys are safe and warm. We are ringing in the new year with temps in the low 20's at night but gorgeous 60's during the daytime. Happy 2014 buddy, sending blessing to you all for a wonderful year.

  5. Oh! I love your rug!!! So very much! Happy New Year Kar!

  6. As a girl that can't seem to throw away a scrap of anything I'm impressed! Way to use what you have! Happy crafting.

  7. My edges are always off, not straight. I feel as though I'm consistently going through the end loop...any suggestions?