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18 July 2013

Garden goodies...

I love getting up early in the morning and getting the day going.  Especially when it gets so hot, so quick during these brutal summer days.  I enjoy going outside peeking at everything in the yard as everything starts to wake up.  Feeling the cool air.  Listening to the birds singing.  My most favorite way to start the day.  Getting all the yard things done before the heat gets too uncomfortable.

There was a little spying on the garden to see if anything is near ready to be nibbled on.  A big smile was made when all the goodies were seen among all the green leaves and plants.  No squealing or anything like that just because it was so early in the morning.  Don't want to freak the neighbors out.

But how wonderful to see the little pieces of garden candy ready to eat.  There's never really enough grape tomatoes for salads or anything because they are all eaten out in the garden.

More goodies hiding.

This honestly is the best candy bowl to have sitting by the kitchen sink.

There is basil coming out of my ears.  The plants are doing so awesome this year.  Just amazing what happens when you actually take a few minutes to learn how to grow this stuff properly.

Then there is the lone sunflower.
Not sure where it came from.  
We just left it where it started just because this plant is obviously so determined.

Then at lunch time when it gets a tad too warm to be outside any longer, I shut all the windows, turn the a/c on (yuck) and enjoy some of the garden goodies that were picked earlier in the morning.

 Then work continues on the newest project started a few days ago.  It's going to be massive.  Not sure what I was thinking.  I'm blaming it all on the heat.  The dang heat.

At least it's something pretty to work on while inside, waiting for the heat to move on.  



  1. Wow, that is a massive undertaking. That quilt. But it is already super gorgeous and I know the end result will be amazing. :-)

    "Garden candy." I like that term. Your garden is really jumping. I love seeing your space as it develops and produces such wonderful treats.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your garden is absolutely beautiful Kar! And that massive new project is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Can't wait to see that one done up :) We have had heat indexes of 114 the last few days here in central Illinois. Whew! It's hot and sticky!!! But our weekend is supposed to be cooler....I'm sure hoping.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Hey Kar~
    I had to re follow you. In the midst of switching from Comcast to ITV3 my blog got deleted. My son in law recovered it {bless him!} but I was no longer following any blogs! OOPS! So here I am again.....

  4. There's nothing like yummies straight from the garden, isn't it? I so miss my veggie garden back at the other house, haven't yet started it here and I'm sure it will be a while before anything is ready to nibble on.

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

  5. Garden candy... Love that! Everything looks so good and you are right about being outside early before the heat and to witness the waking of a new day, it's lovely. I got a greenhouse for my b day last week and have big hopes of it being another barrier to the squirrels.

  6. I love every single thing in this post. It's all so inspiring! Any ideas on what to do with all that basil to preserve it? I think I'm about to have a ton myself!

  7. hi kar,
    everything looks good. wow so many basil......perfect for pesto making or maybe for basil vinegar or oil.my tomatoes are still green but once cucumber grows on my plant. here is it hot and humid.
    thanks for sharing all the beautiful things.
    liebe grüße,

  8. Your garden is beautiful and your Quilt also!
    Big hug SK

  9. My tomatoes are coming on too.
    Isn't it just so fun to peek through the leaves and find a ripe one!?
    My basil is doing so well this year too!
    There is nothing like eating something from the garden that you grew.

  10. What a beautiful post. I've been absent in blogging lately and just found your new blog. I started a new one too, I wanted a fresh look and start. Hope you are well. Heather

  11. Missin connecting with you Karfeeee! Love looking at your garden's bounty, and your new project...gorgeous as usual! I so want to have a garden again, but the timing just isn't right for now. Trusting all is well with you and yours. Enjoy, my friend, the days with our children go so fast. Our youngest is 15 now, and we have 4 grandkids, and I am 55!!!!! What??? I was just 35 a couple of years ago!
    Hugs to you, gal!
    Have a fab week! I know you will!

  12. That's wonderful that you have a garden. It must be so nice to grow your own food. What will you make with all of your basil? Have you ever had basil ice cream? It's really quite tasty.