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12 June 2013

Pesky critters...

I just had to share a tid bit of information with you.  I stumbled upon what I consider to be a magical fix  to a problem that I have had for years now in my yard.  Here's the problem...


They have been a nemesis of mine for years around here.  They tear up my bird feeders to where they are no longer usable.  They chew the bark off of my lilac bush in the back.  They dig up my flower beds and garden.  They move bulbs to weird places in the yard.  I have sunflower and peanut plants sprouting up in the middle of the yard because our neighbor thinks its just so cute to feed them.  It's not cute.  Really.

  They drive me crazy!  I have really had enough of the little beasts using our fence as a race way each and every morning.  It's like listening to a Nascar race for rodents.

Last month while sitting in the back yard one even lunged at the girls as they walked by the fence while just playing outside.  That was it.  Enough of the little furry rats.  We had to take a stand against them.

I went on a all out search for anything that would deter them from around my yard.  Just make them move on to some other place.  We just couldn't take them anymore.  With a bit of searching and reading online we found what we think to be the best repellant ever for them.  Safe and harmless to them.

Are you ready for it?

Irish Spring Soap Bars-Original scent.


I can't remember where I saw this at.  I was in such a hurry to get to the store and grab a few bars to put around the fence that I forgot to bookmark the link.

Bars were cut up and placed all around the yard on the fence.  It was amazing at how fast those beasts fled.  We were all amazed.  Apparently they can't stand the smell of the tallow in it.

**You have to replace the soap pieces about every two weeks or when you can't smell the fragrance any longer.  If you can't smell it the squirrels can't smell it and they will be back.**

  We have now been squirrel free for a month now and it's wonderful.  It's no big thing to replace the pieces of soap with new ones every once in a while to keep us stress free with the yard.  I didn't know what it was like not to have the beasts running through our yard tearing things up all the time.  It's absolutely wonderful!

Now I must also tell you that we are not the only ones that have problems with the squirrels.  Our neighbors can't stand them either with all the destruction that they do in their yards.  One neighbor has caught them chewing on the cushions on their patio table set and another had the beasts chewing on the drip heads on his sprinkler system.  Imagine how wonderful that is to continually replace all year long.  Awesome.  There are many accounts of destruction that I had no idea my neighbors have dealt with along side us.

I have since shared this knowledge with the neighbors and they have also rid their yards of these furry beasts.  All is well now in our neck of the woods after many years of turmoil.  Let someone else deal with them.  

Now if we can all convince this guy to move on a leave our song birds alone, all well be blissful.

But how does one talk to a hawk and convince them to move on?



  1. YAY you for getting ridding of those nasty rodents! I am still at war with them and my garden is sadly losing. I will definitely be trying this out. Thanks again for the awesome tip!

  2. Oh now I never would have thought about Irish Spring soap for squirrels, I'll have to keep that in mind. That is awesome :)

  3. I love squirrels but I've never had any of the experiences you have. It's like you have some kind of evil mutant squirrels. Irish Spring? Who would have guessed? I'm happy that simple solution has brought you peace!

  4. I'm glad you've found a solution to your pesky squirrels.
    Anne xx

  5. LOL! I've heard of the Irish Spring trick with deer and rabbits, but not with squirrels. Interesting.

    Just the other day I was at Lowe's and this older man was looking high and low for some cayenne pepper plants. And there were absolutely none. He was telling me how he thought cayenne was supposed to keep the rabbits away but instead the rabbits ate the entire cayenne plant, down to the root. So later started doing some container gardening on his deck, thinking that the height would deter them. He managed to get away from the rabbits, only to discover squirrels tearing into all he planted. I wish I had read this sooner because I would have told him about the soap. He looked so pitiful.