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06 October 2012

The desk...

Things are starting to look better in the computer room.  The beast is in it's new home.  Things are somewhat set up for usage.  There's more tweaking to be done to make things just right for Glenn.  But at least the desk is finished and moved in.  Now Glenn just has to figure out what to do with all those drawers that he can put things in.

We are amazed at the color that it is now.  Like I said before we couldn't even see all the grain due to the dark color and the years of grime that was on this thing.  It looks like a totally new piece of furniture now.

Some of our favorite spots are the sun burst looking grain on one side.  That had to be placed in just the right place so it could be seen every time you walk into the room.  Request made by Glenn.

The top is my favorite.  Never knew it would look like this.

This project turned out better than I had imagined at first.  

It's amazing what you will find when refinishing an old piece of furniture that looks drab, dirty and yucky.  I'm glad we tackled this project and went for it.  Turned out to be a great treasure.  At least for us.



  1. It really is a beautiful piece.

  2. I can see how much work you have put in to restoring this piece of furniture to its former glory. The colour and grain of the timber is beautiful. Well done. Now you can get back to your craft work. :)
    Anne xx

  3. Gorgeous desk! I really like oak.

  4. That is one massively beautiful desk! Love, love. :-)

  5. I finally remembered to ask Sam. In his opinion, this is quartersawn white oak...which is what I think it is too. :D