"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

18 September 2012

My new space...

You know how I teased with pics of the mess left behind from the behemoth partners desk (the one we have is not as ornate) that use to occupy my craft room.  I have to stop and say that I'm glad that it is finally out of my room.  When it was first bought years back, it served it's purpose and I liked it a lot.  Then when homeschooling the girls started it became greatly dysfunctional and took up way too much space.  It just made the room one big unhappy place to be in.  Not great for creativity to flourish in you know.

So clear out the monster and all the junk that surrounded it.

Buy some wood.  Build a massive, strong frame.  With the help of a super nice friend.
This thing will not be ripped out of the walls anytime soon.  I don't think it could be.  And not that I ever have plans to.  :)  It was tested by a few people to make sure that nothing was going to pull it off the walls.  ;)  I winced a couple of times during the testing session.  But all is good.  Too bad the house isn't as strong in some places.

A little primer and paint.

And moving some things back in.  
It makes for a much more enjoyable space for the girls and I to be in now.  The last two days have been so great!  Night and day difference with functionality and happiness.  Everything is at our fingertips.  Computer (which was in the computer room before and not near us), school books, supplies and crafty stuff (sewing machines, fabric, yarn, etc.)  Let's not forget about the ever important space that everyone has now.  It's everything I imagined.  Love It!!!  I even laid in the middle of the floor and did a "carpet" angel to show how happy I was.  

There is still some tweaking to be done but I'm so dang happy with how it's all working from the get go.  And let's take a moment to mention how wonderful it is to have big blankets laying across the desk top while weaving in ends.  It's just so awesome!!!

There is still junk to go through and have out for trash tomorrow and next week.  How does one collect so much crap? I'm not quite sure.  But it's not coming back in my room.  And as for the big behemoth desk, it is going out to the garage to be refinished and placed in Glenn's computer room.  He wants it.  It's all his, to do with what he wants with it.  Better in there than in my room.  I'm not fighting him for it.  :)



  1. See~ I was right! It was well worth the wait! It looks wonderful! You enjoy it!!!

  2. wow, that looks like an amazing place to work! congrats!

  3. Oooh, love your new space. You got quite a lot of workspace for yourself and some special someones. <3

  4. Your new space is perfect. Lovely to see one of your little ones working happily and that gorgeous blanket draped over the desk. ENJOY!
    Anne xx

  5. Your new homeschool/craft space looks great! I imagine you'll have lots of fun and creative hours working in there. Hope your week is going well. Heather

  6. LOVE your new desk! So happy for you! Can't wait to see it.

  7. Wow!!! It looks beautiful and seems like such a functional space now! Love, love, love it!

    .... i'm jealous. :)