"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

12 May 2012

Perfect day...

Friday ended up being a very wonderful, perfect day in my book.
With Glenn actually being able to take his day off, we got up early and headed down the road to enjoy an all day road trip and do some exploring.  This particular road trip allowed us to make one big loop around the Payette National Forest by going up one highway on the west side and down another highway on the east side.  Beautiful day drive.

There were lots of beautiful sights to see.  Most of the time I was too busy looking and enjoying the sights and not so busy snapping a few pics here and there.  But I did manage to get this shot of this little barn up along the river edge looking all cute and stuff.  I would be in heaven in this little spot.  What could be better.  Water, a little farmhouse, a barn and a meadow to enjoy.  I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

We managed to stop and make time for a hike in one of the state parks along our journey.  Yes, that is snow.  There is still plenty of it hanging around in the mountains.  I was amazed at the amount that was still up on the tippy top of the big ranges that we could see when we were riding down the road. 

There were little spring flowers that were finally showing themselves in the places that the snow has disappeared.

And a few fellow hikers were to be seen.  These three were just as interested in us as we were in them. We stood and watched them for a very long time.  Lots of wildlife all over in the park.

We finally made our way to Payette Lake.  Such a beautiful lake.  Clear and smooth as glass.  And so quiet.  It's wonderful to hear all of the nature around it and not hear any boats zooming back and forth on it.  You can see the snow on the mountain range in the far back of the picture.  Tons of it still.

And of course you know what happened.  Rocks had to be climbed and a few thrown into the lake.  Seriously.  Did you think by now that would ever change.  You know it won't.

Then we finally noticed the time and decided that is was time to start heading home.  I will have to make sure next time I take pictures of how high the rapids are in the river on the way home.  You have to time it just right to be able to pull of the highway so there are no accidents and all.  Too much traffic all around us that late in the day.  Lets just say I won't be taking up kayaking any time soon.  Not good when about 90% of the river all the way down the mountains are white water.  But pretty amazing to see though.

Now I'm preparing myself for a quiet, non-action packed day tomorrow for Mothers Day.
Just the way I like it.

Here's hoping that you have a very wonderful Mothers Day also.



  1. Hey Gal! I need to surround myself with nature like this...oh BLISS!! The 2nd wedding is a week from today, so we are pretty busy. Can't wait to be off of this antibiotic, and be able to get out and soak up some relaxation and sun at the beach!!

    Have a fabulous Mother's Day, my friend!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect trip. Your photos are so picturesque and very calming. I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day. :-)

  3. dear kar,
    your photos are a dream!!!!!you live in a really wonderful place.i hope you enjoy your Mother's Day.
    love and hugs regina

  4. It does look like a perfect day! What beautiful scenery and that lake is gorgeous!! Here's wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Kar, thanks for taking me along on your trip. I love it when I get to go.

  6. What great day you had. It is so pretty where you live. Makes me want to plan a day trip! We are going to D.C. The end of June though. Love a good road trip! I hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

  7. Sounds like a perfect kind of day. Love the pic of the girls sitting on rocks, frame worthy?

    Snow and spring flowers, wow a little of two season and so close to summer time. Always a special day when we get to spend it with family enjoying the wonderful outdoors. Hope you had a nice mama day.

  8. I hope your Mothers Day was relaxing!
    What a beautiful place!
    I love that little house in the trees too:)