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19 March 2012

Lots of busyness...

A bit of a break has been taken here from the blog.  Taking a step back to prioritize things, getting ready for our yearly school tests for the girls and at the last minute I decided to go head on into a remodel/redecorating project for the girls in their rooms.  I have never claimed to make sense at times.

The last two days have been full of saws, nails, wood, primer, etc.  And lets not leave out the many times Glenn, myself and a very talented friend who is helping us, were standing in the rooms shaking our heads trying to figure out what in the world the builder of this house was doing during the building process.  I might have even said a bad word or two.  The construction part is nearly finished and the painting will begin soon after.  I thought this was only going to take a day or two.  Yeah.

Don't worry.  Pictures will be shared.  :)

Also in the news today.  I have been featured on the blog Quilt Story for the quilts that I made the girls for Christmas.  It's very sweet of Heather and Megan to feature them on their blog.  Make sure you go by their blog for lots of inspiration.  It's wonderful!

Lots to do today.  More construction, getting ready for testing starting tomorrow and trying to get a handle on the mess that is all over this place right now.  Drives me crazy.



  1. Looks like you got a LOT going on there Girl! I checked out your TOO DIE FOR GORGEOUS QUILTS on the other blog! WOWZA!!! What beautiful christmas presents. Good luck with all the testing and construction. Just to let you know, I opened another Etsy Shop a week ago. Thanks for the encouragement, it pushed me right over the edge!

  2. We always think remodeling is only going to take a day or two to find out it actually takes one month or two...
    Congrats on being featured! Your quilting work was lovely. Good luck to the girls on their exams. x

  3. Glad that all is well with you all, just busy:)
    Cant wait to see final pics.
    We just got done with our own lumber project too.
    Congrats on being featured!
    Hope you have a great week, regardless of the "projects" :)

  4. Good luck with all the remodeling. Things always seem to take longer than we anticipate but the end result will be worth it. Looking forward to seeing the reveal photos.
    Anne xx

  5. I've been wondering where you were. Those home-improvement projects usually take up more time than was anticipated. Did you ever watch that show "Weekend Warriors" on HGTV? Yeah, those weekend projects usually took several weekends.

    Congratulations on the feature. I left a comment over there. :-)

  6. YES you're back, happy all is well, just business. Congrats on being featured, that's awesome! Looking forward to your pics, have a great week.