"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

18 January 2012


We were beginning to think that we would never get any of the wonderful white stuff this winter.  Whenever the word SNOW would get mentioned it would make us pout for a bit.  Especially the girls.

Once we heard a storm was coming in, preparations started.
Trips to the store so very important homebody activities could be accomplished.
Making soups, baking cookies, sipping hot chocolate, etc.
Essential outdoor wear were strategically placed for a quick dress and escape outside.

The snow started early this morning and by mid morning everything was covered with lovely white fluffiness. 
This is what winter is suppose to look like.
Love it!

After a quick shoveling of the necessary places, I sat on the front porch and just listened to the snow fall.  It's amazing how quiet things get when snow covers everything.  It's even more amazing to hear those teeny tiny flakes hitting the ground.  Close your eyes and it sounds deafening.

The girls of course went straight to working on their most important snow creations.
Not snowmen.

I wondered around the yard looking at the snow where ever it landed.  Trying to see individual flakes if possible.

And trying not to muck up the beauty of the snow by walking in specific places.  And telling little people that some places were off limits so to enjoy the beautiful white blanket.

Yeah.  The off limit ruling didn't last long.  But at least I enjoyed myself before I bailed all the wonderfulness and went back inside to get soup ready for lunch.

After lunch I found myself working on some squares that I have started for a blanket for my dearest.  Don't faint.  It was a shock to Glenn also when he asked what I was doing last night.  I'm sure he started to think that he would never get his very own blanket that he wouldn't have to share with anyone.  I think he may still be a little nervous that something will come along a delay this long awaited blanket of comfiness for himself.

For now the only thing delaying work on these squares is the occasional refill of the hot chocolate mug.  And making the girls come in for a bit to warm up.

Hope you are having a wonderful fantastic day like we are.



  1. I'm glad you have your snow now. It does look so pretty and I love how it falls on the trees.
    A blanket for hubby, he will love it. :)
    Enjoy that snow and stay warm,
    Anne xx

  2. Snow and granny squares -- a perfect combination!

  3. I love your important homebody activities!! Happy you got the snow you were waiting for...enjoy!

  4. What beautiful snow! No mention of snow in these parts; yesterday we had thunder and lightning. So, we'll see if the old wives' tale is true. There is such a different type of quiet when snow falls. Very peaceful like. I do enjoy those days when no one blames you for staying indoors, sipping on hot chocolate, eating yummy soup, and crafting in your pjs. Ahhh, snow days. :-)

  5. Such a comforting thought...listening to snow fall.
    How much fun you all have had!! :0)

  6. hello kar,
    wow...you have snow,that is wonderful,especially for the kids.your new crochet work looks fantastic.i love the colors.
    happy snowdays!!!!!
    love and bear hugs,regina

  7. Just stopped by to see what you are up to, love the snow pictures, it has been warmer than average here and rainy the last few days, temps are starting to drop a little! I am glad you are working on Glenn's blanket, I know he will enjoy it!

  8. Yay snow! Looks so pretty and sure sounds like a great day. Your Blanket looks warm and the cheery colors. Enjoy and have a great friend!