"Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least." ~Goethe~

30 November 2011


I'm trying to slow down just a bit so I don't make myself crazy with everything that I think needs to be accomplished.

I'm trying to forget about how long it took to get the tree up on Friday.
(I had to run to the store to get a new star because I forgot that our old one was tossed last year because it quit working.  Then when we all got home and put that up, half of the lights decided they were not going to work and we made another run to the store just to get lights for the tree.  You don't want to know about the hissy I was having over making another run to the store.  I even asked members of the family if they were creating these issues just so they didn't have to help with the tree.  I did get very funny looks with that question.)

I was smiling when I walked by and took notice of my favorite little snowmen sitting in their sleigh next to the gingerbread house.  

I love my homemade decorations.

I love my glass ornaments so much that I have to stop and look at them when I walk by the tree.

I'm now enjoying Christmas music for the season.  I was a bit put off by the local radio station who started playing the Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  The girls were sneaking up to their room and shutting the door just so they could listen without me saying "it's not even Thanksgiving yet for Pete's sake!".

I'm getting really close at finishing the first gift quilt for the girls.  Hopefully the hand quilting will be finished tonight so that binding can begin tomorrow.  

I also updated the baked oatmeal recipe with a new addition that we tried from a suggestion by Glenn.  It makes the oatmeal even better!

I'm very giddy over how much sewing and crafting the girls are doing the last few days.  It makes my heart sing to see them digging around in the craft room and doing such a great job on all their creations.

I'm just glad today is continuing to be a great day!



  1. Don't you just hate those "quick" store runs? It seems like they eat a big chunk out of your day just in transition. Yet, we do it all the time. At Thanksgiving, I know I ran to the store a bizillion times for "one more thing". lol

    Glad your quilts are coming along nicely. Can't wait to see them; even if I have to wait until after Christmas. :-)

  2. Your ornaments are so festive and jolly -- especially the Santa. I'm glad that you and girls share the love of crafting. My daughter (after a brief knitting stint) runs in the other direction when I mention working on a project together. Sigh. Maybe someday.

  3. I love your homemade decorations and can't wait to see your quilts. You know I can't sew and I'd love to be able to make something.

  4. I love your snowman Kar. I put up my tree myself with some help from Jim, and it went up pretty good.

  5. I love your homemade decoration too they are beautiful! I collect Santa's i just spent the last couple days sifting through which one's i want to bring out this year. I am trying something new... down sizing and simplifying this year, it's early so we'll see how i do haha.

  6. dear kar
    i love your homemade decorationen very.they are sooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful. i love your pretty glass ornaments,too.
    have a wonderful weekend my friend,
    love and hugs,