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18 April 2014

Day 6...

"Ospreys on Guard Duty"
Eagle, ID




  1. I caught up on your blog and all the photos are absolutely beautiful!!! The mama fox and her cub one is so precious.

  2. I love eagles and I love the way the tree and the birds really stand out against that blue, blue sky.
    Anne xx

  3. It's official. I love all of Glenn's images. He's a talented man, for sure, and deserved to get his new camera. Could you ask him what lens he used for this image? It's tack sharp, which I love, and I assume he also had to zoom in so it makes me curious. Anyways, I do love this image and how he chose to offset the tree by placing it on the right of the frame which makes you focus more on the eagles. Beautifully done!

  4. I've enjoyed your week of photos featuring your mans work Kar. Wonderful images and a nice peek into his eye :)